Leeds today: poets, amateurs, zombies, insomnia, climate, Terry’s, volunteerism and Hegley.

Morning! We’ve got a treat for you later on; a review of the zombie walk at the Hepworth over the weekend being posted at about 1pm. In the meantime, here’s the news.

Alas! The Terry’s factory in York has started to be demolished, says the BBC. The plant stopped making chocolate oranges in 2005, and there were fears that redevelopment would never take place, but rather than decay like an over-sugared tooth it is hoped that the site will become useful once more.

Speaking of redevelopment, the YEP has news of the Yorkshire Chemicals site on Kirkstall road; apparently it has been bought by someone new who hopes the building work will happen on their watch.

The Guardian Northerner’s Janice Gwilliam writes about the volunteer work she is doing in Leeds and the surrounding area. Working with asylum seekers and helping keep the North Yorks Moors pathways clear, Janice is doing a regular blog for the Northerner about volunteerism and might offer some inspiration to those of us seeking something worthwhile to do.

The unfortunate death of a cyclist last year is prompting a coroner to ask for a review of road layouts in Leeds (YEP). Leeds’ roads are very dangerous for cyclists at the best of times; last year’s accident was tragic and avoidable, although it didn’t involve any other vehicles.

A historian is looking for people’s recollections of Horsforth Grove Methodist church. John Burland is writing a book about the church and hopes the community can help furnish it with more than dry facts.

Next week is Climate Week, where it is hoped people will think about better ways of reducing their energy consumption. Or, in many cases, just thinking about the fact that turning on the lights is an astonishing feat of engineering genius would be a good first step. Anyway! There’s a couple of events happening in Leeds but it seems that Bradford is the place to be. The University is doing all kinds of things, like beekeeping talks and pub quizes as well as cycling things. Leeds seems to have some private events, not many public ones – this needs sorting out.

More Bradford: after Occupy London were given permission to stay, the dean of St Paul’s was asked to step down. His replacement is the former Dean of Bradford cathedral, David Ison (BBC).

Insomniac photographers! South Leeds Life is looking for photographers to snap for The 4am Project on April 15th in South Leeds. Always fun, although be prepared to speak to policemen.

Up at Otley Playhouse this weekend is one of the true greats of poetry for people. John Hegley: The Adventures of Monsieur Robinet is on Saturday 10 March at 8pm, containing tales about a Frenchman with some unusual habits, an address to aliens on the subject of transport, a poem about a non-talking parrot and some animal impersonations with the aid of a handkerchief. Worth the trip, I’d say.

Am Dram group Yeadon Amateurs are putting on their 82nd production since they were formed this month. Sweet Charity is on at Yeadon Town Hall from Tuesday, March 13 to Saturday March 17. For more information see their website.

And that’s that for today! Thanks for reading. Racheal this afternoon, Elly tomorrow, Mark on Friday. As always please get in touch if you’d like to help out, write an article (or suggest one we should write) or just want to tell us you love what we do. Flattery gets you everywhere. Have a pleasant day, folks!

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