Leeds today: post office, beer, jaaaazz, Rawdon, diving, library and designers.

Morning! I looked at a calendar and was a bit startled to realise that it’s Mothering Sunday next week. (Also my Mum’s birthday, St Patrick’s day, and other things besides!) And Easter is coming up fast too. Lawks, where is this year going?

So with that in mind, it seems fitting that we open with the tale in the Batley News of James from Batley, who has jacked in the day job to become a diving instructor in Malawi. He leaves today. Good for you, James – live your dreams and be an inspiration to us all. BGL salutes you.

Do you live in Horsforth, Guiseley, Rawdon or Yeadon? Do you have an opinion on Rawdon Billing? We’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, here’s the backstory (YEP): a whole new village could be build on a local beauty spot in Leeds. The Rawdon Trust has put forwards a bid for 98 hectares of land to be used in LCC’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. This is only an assessment and nothing may come of it, but if you have an objection it may be worth putting your 2p in now.

Of course, people need somewhere to live. So Isis Developments, who look after Granary Wharf (amongst other places) have put together a house buying guide for parents. It talks about the Government shared-ownership scheme “FirstBuy” (make your own judgements on that; we at BGL feel that it’s a bit like being a tenant with the responsibilities on upkeep that the landlord would usually have; but that is just our opinion, yours is also perfectly valid).

Speaking of Granary Wharf, there’s a new bar/restaurant opening down there called Vineataly. We love a good pun, and as it’s also run by the guys from Diva Italiano in Pudsey (which we’re pretty fond of) this could be a nice place to check out. (We also love bad puns.)

In the Morley Observer is news about Drighlington Library, which we’ve been keeping a careful eye on here at BGL Towers: “[…] by May the library will be completely handed over to the community by the council.” There was an open day and the Library is open on Tuesdays thanks to the 50 volunteers who are gradually keeping the site open. Last year Drighlington’s library was facing the axe but the community has rallied round in spectacular fashion. Well done, guys.

You know all those Post Offices that closed in your area? Well… according to the YEP, it’s possible that they’re going to be re-opened. Over 60 POs were closed in Yorkshire, and nearly 50 of them could be reopened in a Post Office rethink. Interesting. We await the “told you so’s” with a sense of inevitability.

With Mother’s Day coming up you might want to get present ideas from the Corn Exchange. A new shop specialising in bespoke design has opened there; Moo Designs, run by mother & daughter team Clare Bottomley and Holly Gaunt have expanded their business after appearing on Gok Wan’s show. Worth popping in to take a look.

Doing a bit of research I noticed that not only does Headingley have a Beer festival, it also seems to have a Real Ale festival. But that’s besides the point; the Leeds Beer Festival in Pudsey is this weekend. BGL may well be in attendance on the Friday! It is never less than entertaining, and not as overpopulated by beards and t-shirts advertising single-entendre beer names as you may think.

We weren’t aware of this until it was pointed in our direction: there is a thriving Live classical music & jazz scene in West Yorks. We’ll be keeping an eye on its “what’s on” page with interest.

Finally today: were you affected by appalling traffic on the M1 yesterday? this is why, a fuel spillage caused the closure of both carriageways between J36 & 37. (BGL was hit by this; we were driving back from Hereford last night when we found all these “motorway closed” signs.) Anyway, now you know.

That’s it for today. As always if you have anything you’d like us to feature then email us and we’ll see what we can do. We’re still after writers too – get in touch (please!) and I’ll give you the skinny. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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