Leeds today: parking, tickets, arts libraries, auctions, pubs.

Morning Leeds. Mark here. Almost St Paddy’s Day weekend, and that can only mean one thing. But the last hurdle of the working week is ahead of us for the jumping first.

First up, the BBC reports that thousands of previously unauthorised parking spaces in the city have now been given official recognition, with about 3,000 spaces to remain available for the coming five years. Officials said those previously unauthorised car parks which have been given the go-ahead will be those likely to generate least congestion, provide better security and offer visual improvements.

More good news for motorists in Leeds, as Guardian Northerner reports that the total number of parking tickets issued in the city last year fell by eight per cent – however, the number of successful appeals is down too.

Meanwhile a new home has been found for a Yorkshire arts resource threatened with closure. Wakefield’s Yorkshire Libraries and Information Music and Drama Service is set to close on March 31st. However subject to legal agreements the collection is now to be moved to Leeds Central Library, and the music housed in Kirkless Library in Huddersfield. The arts resource is used by many amateur dramatic groups, choirs and orchestras.

The sale of Nazi memorabilia ought to be banned, says Leeds Labour MP Fabian Hamilton. Last week a tray presented to Hitler as a 50th birthday present went for £28,000 at an auction in Bristol. In a Commons motion, Hamilton condemned the auctioning of items belonging to Holocaust victims as “profiteering on items promoting and glorifying hatred and violence”. Sales are already illegal in France, Germany, Austria and Hungary.

And finally South Leeds Life has this poignant video commemorating the area’s much-loved Miggy Arms pub, which was destroyed by fire last year.

Pubs may come and go, but merriment and camaraderie will be here forever. Here’s to plenty of that for all of us this weekend!

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