Leeds today: gay quarter, dance, graveyard, autism, heart unit, PCSO and bikes.

Hello! Mike here for a change. Here’s today’s roundup of the news in our fair city.

Do you ride a bike in Leeds? Then the YEP article on the top ten most dangerous road junction for cyclists is probably old news. For everybody else, though – especially drivers who think bikes are a target – read this article and think about avoiding collisions at these junctions. Speaking as a cyclist in Leeds there does seem to be a general lack of care taken by drivers; certainly drivers who fail to indicate or look in mirrors are common enough for me to think twice about commuting by bike. Perhaps someone needs to keep a closer eye on those junctions.

Maybe a job for a PCSO? South Leeds Life has a series of guest posts by a PCSO in that part of the city who talks about their day-to-day work. Interesting stuff.

Plans for housing that were rejected last year have been approved by a planning inspector over objections from other councillors. The 550 home site in Horsforth was the source of concerns over public transport, sustainability and congestion. However, the inspector has said that these concerns are mostly groundless.

The Leeds Citizen scooped ITV news: Calendar has reports from councillors that the mayoral election leaflets are a confusing waste of public money. Readers of BGL knew about this ages ago, of course.

An Ilkley mum has launched a last-ditch plea to save the heart unit at the LGI, reports the Telegraph & Argus. Campaigners now have until April 16 to make comments (bizzarely, not about travel) on the closure.

In other health news, Leeds blogger & autism awareness campaigner Penny Bronchia was in London earlier in the week at a launch of Undiscovered Workforce at Parliament, a campaign to get people with unseen disabilities a better, fairer shake at employment. This is a very important campaign, and West Leeds MP Rachel Reeves is also getting involved.

Fancy being in a play being performed in a graveyard? The YEP has a story on a play based on Peter Sutcliffe that is looking for actors to perform in Chapel Allerton churchyard. Spooky!

BGL doesn’t necessarily “get” contemporary dance (although a trip to York recently to see Phoenix Dance Studio was certainly interesting), but even we know that when The Stage reviews the Northern School of Contemporary Dance student show it’s a big thing. This is a great review of what sounds like a great show.

And finally today, the Pink News reports that LCC is to consider giving the area we all know as the gay quarter of Leeds an official stamp. All well and good, and probably a quick win for the councillors who suggested it.

Ok, that’s me done for today. Mark should be with us tomorrow with what’s coming up for the weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday! Cheerio!

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