Leeds today: meercats, cornucopia, easter, olympics, trauma, art, petrol and the by-election.

Morning! Monday, the start of a new week. It looks a bit greyer out there than we’ve become used to but after all it is April.

So, a man who did a wince-making impression of a cat on national TV is now the MP for Bradford West. I hope he’ll be looking at moving to Manningham, instead of showing up for photo-ops every now & then, and acting as a representative for his constituents in the Commons. And that is all we’re saying on the matter.

Panic buying of petrol seems to be continuing, although a quick look around petrol stations in the vicinity of BGL Towers suggests that it’s easing up a bit. The YEP has the latest news about this invented crisis, including a plea to “fill up as normal” from a spokesperson at Morrisons.

We hope you turned off your lights & TV when Earth Hour rolled around last Saturday. Housing project Greenhouse had planned an evening of board games and a pub quiz to while away the hour.

The last exhibition to be held at PSL before they move to Tetley’s next year is opening on 25th April. ‘Pieces of Eight’ brings together eight artists from Leeds, Gothenburg and Helsinki in a showcase of work that is part of a two year-long project held across these cities. Could be interesting.

A man was told to ‘go elsewhere’ at an NHS drop-in centre earlier this month, and on the way out collapsed and had to be taken by ambulance to hospital (YEP).

In the Post is news that Leeds, alongside two other Yorkshire hospitals, will be getting a centre of excellence in specialist trauma care. The idea is that life-threatening injuries will be treated at specialist centres as long as they’re less than 45 minutes from the incident. The centres, due to open in 2014, will treat life-threatening injuries caused by gunshot, road traffic collisions, or workplace accidents. But LGI managers are already questioning the funding model, reckoning on needing at least £5.3m more to run the service.

The Independent Visitors scheme is 20 years old! The scheme aims to recruit volunteers to befriend and mentor young people in care, and has made a significant difference to many young people’s lives.

Over on South Leeds Life is a report on yesterday’s “olympic torch run” through South Leeds, to highlight the closure of sporting facilities in the city. Also on the Life are details of how to make your own comic book, an afternoon with Jim Medway on Thursday, aimed at children who like to draw.

The BBC has details of easter themed craft events happening at Abbey House this week! Are you thinking up ways of entertaining children this week? Abbey House is a great spot even if there aren’t special events going on.

Three stories from Culture Vultures now. Do you like Moomins? Kay Brown has been taking Moominpapa to various events associated with the Leeds Young People’s Film Festival. Love the photos! Also, Katie Bolton reviews the Marvellous Tea Dance company’s permanent home in Bird’s Yard. Is it a good review? Read it to find out. Finally, tickets for a foodie event at the Corn Exchange on Thursday are going fast but you could win a pair of tickets to Unexpectedly Yorkshire. If you can’t make it don’t worry – Cornucopia is back on Friday in the Corn Exchange.

Finally today, the YEP reports that a bunch of baby meercats at Tropical World have started coming out to play. SO CUTE.

And we’re done. Have a great week, guys. Please note that because next Friday and Monday are bank holidays we’re taking a break for the long weekend, but everything should be good to go for the rest of the week.

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