Leeds today: politics, Pontefract, power and poor weather.

Good morning, people of our fair city (and beyond)! It’s Elly here with your news round up this fairly grey and frankly dull morning.

We covered the story of the potential closure of Pontefract A&E a while back – the potential now is that staff will be reducing their hours and taking unpaid leave in a bid to reduce costs for this vital health service.

A new power station at Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire, is set to be completed by 2015 with the creation of hundreds of jobs. The power plant will generate electricity from a variety of sourcs, including biomass and waste-derived fuels. More information over on the BBC.

In South Leeds Life continuing bid to educate readers about the history of this area of the city, they have a recent article on why Holbeck Cemetery is situated on Beeston Hill. It’s not because it’s a paradox. Well, it might be.

After the win by George Galloway in the Bradford West by-elections, Irna Qureshi asks ‘Where are the Muslim women in Bradford Politics?’. This is a great article and I heartily recommend reading it *stamps with BGL seal of approval*

Also over on Culture Vulture, Paula Temple guest blogs about the fantastic We Are Poets documentary and Leeds Young Authors film that was part of the Leeds Young Film festival.

Culture Minister Ed Vaizey hits back at Harriet Harman’s accusation that this coalition government doesn’t understand the arts over on the Guardian Northerner blog. We can see Ed Vaizey’s point, and we can also see Harriet Harman’s. So who’s the best? There’s only one way to find out…

BRITAIN IN BRIEF AND DISAPPOINTING SUMMER SHOCKER. The Yorkshire Post has an article on how snow and temperatures of minus 7 centigrade are going to be replacing the sunshine over the next week. Brilliant.

That’s it from me for today – have a fantastic Tuesday and remember three little words:




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