Leeds today: the political animal stirs, plus horses, housing, zombies and sculpture.

Morning! I hope you’re all bright and refreshed after a long weekend. The out-of-the-window weather report suggests that today will be a decent day, maybe a bit windy but sunny and clear with a few spots of rain. Sounds like any weather report for pretty much any day in the UK ever, really.

So what’s been going on? Well, a secret sculptor has been putting out unauthorised art on the roundabout of Chapel A, says the YEP. The sculptor, known only as ‘B’, did similar work in 2010, and hopes that the display will bring a smile to people’s faces as they drive or walk past.

The Hunslet Warriors have been fundraising in South Leeds for a regular at the pitchside; 8 year old Millie Robinson. Millie, who is affected by Rett’s Syndrome, has a brother in the under-16s and her Dad coaches at the club, and the team decided to start fundraising efforts to help Millie out. Well done, guys.

The Wharfdale Observer is reporting on the secrecy surrounding LCC’s plans for a permanent traveller site in the area. Apparently there’s currently a list of 80 sites which will be taken down to a shortlist of 12, and they’re being kept secret. 80 sites? I’m not surprised it’s being kept secret – that must cover most of Leeds – and it’s scaremongering to demand that list be released. Still, if you’re a councillor seeking re-election then it’s good to find a platform on which to stand, isn’t it?

Someone is using some play space in Gipton as a makeshift paddock, reports the YEP. This is no joke, for the record – horses that have been “abandoned” can be removed by LCC or the RSPCA, and where no clear owner is found the horse could be destroyed.

Next month’s LCC elections have been the spur for former Pudsey MP Paul Truswell to move back into the political arena, standing for a post on the Council in Middleton Park. Mr Truswell stepped down as an MP in 2010 due to ill health but feels he is able to work on the Council after recovering from a car crash in 2009.

Speaking of the elections, we’ll have a Mayoral Election special this afternoon by guest writer Alison Neale; what are the pros and cons of having an elected Mayor in Leeds? We will bring you a handy print-out-and-keep guide that you can stick on the wall above your desk.

Leeds has the walking dead coming to its doors; the Purple Revolver has the details of the fifth Leeds Zombie Film Festival in Headingley later this month. 12 hours of zombie flicks at the Cottage Road Cinema on April 22nd sounds like fun! Contemporary classics such as Dead Set and Zombieland will be mixed with ’80s Nightmare City and a secret film, to be announced.

The Mirfield Reporter has news of a meeting tonight in Tingley about the LDF plan to build new homes – 7200 of them – around Morley and the surrounding areas. Anybody with concerns to raise should attend this.

It’s funny that we hear about this from someone in Kirkbymoorside; the Grand is showing South Pacific in June/July. If you’re a fan of musical theatre then tickets are essential.

Finally today, a real treat for people who like their art a bit on the indie, and dark side: The Quay Brothers are going to be at the Hyde Park Picture House on April 24th; they’ll be showing a series of short films about their work in conjunction with a larger project that will be transforming Leeds over a weekend in May.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading; Sophie will be with you tomorrow, and if you’re going to WePublish tonight then we’ll see you there. As ever if you have any news, views or Barley McGrews to tell us then please do! Email, twitter or find us in person.

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