Leeds today: World Book Night roundup, vinyl, emissions, BIFF, leaks, Playful and ducklings. Aww.

Morning! Mike here to brighten your slightly wet and grey day. The weather is likely to stay that way for much of the week, alas. Hopefully it’ll start to clear by the weekend…

Not only is it the 30th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum, today is St George’s Day. Thousands turned out in Morley to see the celebrations over the weekend, reports the YEP. It looks like St. George’s day is certainly in good hands with plenty of people turning out to watch the parade despite the rain.

Also in the YEP is the utterly brilliant story of heroism when two people stopped busy traffic to rescue a clutch of ducklings. The ducklings, separated from their mother, were wandering up and down Neville St before being spotted by pedestrians who stopped traffic to scoop up the birds and return them to mum. Bless!

Did you hear about the Playful Leeds event last month? A video has surfaced documenting the day; officially sanctioned street art. Interestingly, Leeds unofficial street artist Kosy has been sent a “take down these stickers or we’ll prosecute” letter from LCC. Art is only art if it has been given a letter of consent? Hm. Interesting. FWIW, Kosy’s stuff is all on stickers, easier to remove than spray paint.

After the future of Kirkgate Market meeting last week it seems a shame that this has happened: a leaky roof has taken two weeks to fix at the Market, over a fishmongers. Apparently the roof was due to be fixed yesterday; with all the rain we certainly hope that has been the case.

Bradford International Film Festival has kicked off; blogger Jamie Cross reviews day one of BIFF and finds some gems. The festival goes on until the 29th and you can check out what’s on here.

Are you someone who drives in York city centre? You could be contributing to the poor air quality found in the historic town. York has such poor air that it is estimated it is a bigger killer than road accidents, obesity and alcohol abuse combined. Planners are working on a Low Emissions Zone for York to try to combat it.

I know it may seem as if we’re plugging this event a lot, but BGL has been saying this is vitally important since last June; the debate for having a directly-elected Mayor in Leeds is next Monday, and if you’re at all interested in this hot topic then you should go, and persuade a friend who isn’t quite so interested to go along with you. It’s tricky enough to get people to vote at council elections; turnout of 30% is the norm, so would you want this important decision resting on the shoulders of less than a third of the people who live here?

Community group Oblong Leeds opened their newly-refurbished base at the former Methodist chapel on Woodhouse St last Saturday. The community centre has re-opened after a year of work costing a lot of money. Apparently there was a 60-kazoo orchestra playing at the opening. Were you there? Let us know how it went!

Do you still have a record player? Do you collect LPs & other pieces of vinyl? The Corn Exchange has a record fair on next Sunday (29th), from 10am. Free admission, too.

Finally today, amongst everything else tonight is World Book Night; there are events all across Leeds (but not Bradford, apparently!) where people will be getting together to discuss books, read, hand out and collect free books, listen to literature, all sorts of things. The White Swan in Leeds is hosting an event with Leeds Book Club (and buns!); Cafe 164 at Munro House is having the TSL during the day and a book quiz this evening; Left Bank on Cardigan Road is doing a book swap at 6, followed by candlelit readings of Will Shakespeare’s sonnets and finally the Travelling Suitcase Library will be ending up at Arcadia for the night. If you’re a book junkie then you’d be a fool not to attend one of these events.

Right, that’s me done for the next few weeks; Kirsty will be back to bring you some cheer next Monday and the following Monday is a bank holiday! The usual crew should be able to take good care of you in the intervening time, and as always you can email, tweet or rugby tackle us if you feel the need. Do the last thing somewhere soft, please. Cheerio!

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  1. david says:

    Each of us in our house got TWO postal votes on consecutive days through the post. How on earth will they rectify that kind of mess-up if it has happened on a large scale?

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