Leeds today: short, sweet, covered in news.

Hey kids! Elly here and late as per with a midday BGL for you. I’ll keep it short and direct you to ENJOY YOUR LUNCH BREAK.

Northern Food reviews new soon-to-be-open restaurant Johnny Fontane’s – basically, it’s going to be mega.

Apparently, West Yorkshire hates cuddly, fluffy animals. Says the BBC.

Also on the Beeb – a history of the word Luddite *smashes WordPress*.

Holt Park Today reports back on the actions from Holt Park Community Day and the changes that are being made in the area.

Samuel Reeves has written a guest post over on Culture Vultures about Hyde Park Picture House’s Creature of the Night season: highly recommended!

Fashion fans – Thursday to Saturday is the Antiform Spring Fashion Festival complete with sample sale, picnic, and clothes swap. Get thee down there.

And if you haven’t already seen it, @wandapops has an amaze round up of things to see and do this week in Leeds over on LOL! Leeds Online.

Right-o, not much today but the YEP was full of drugs scandals and criminal activity, and frankly I don’t want to read that over my leftovers lunch. Have a great day, and ciao darlings!

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