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Leeds today: news, politics, rambling, and more rambling of a different kind.

Good morning news fans! It’s Elly here with your daily round up of news and stuff wot’s going on from across Leeds and West Yorkshire. Firstly, more Tetley Brewery news at reader Terry Wragg emails to say: Demolition is continuing … Continue reading

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Leeds today: hospital, St George, Feast, taxis, philanthropy and arts funding (again).

Morning! Mike here; it’s the start of a new week, and remember that it is still April and it will probably be chillier than you’re expecting. A couple of weeks ago we mentioned the arts spending forecasts at LCC, thanks … Continue reading

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Leeds today: elected mayors, council costs, YP/YEP, Atkinson Grimshaw, massages and photowalks

Good morning Leeds. It’s Grand National weekend, and Mark here with the headlines as we approach the final furlong and gallop into the weekend (tweet me if you want my tips for Aintree…). The debate over elected mayors is heating … Continue reading

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Leeds today: events, statues, trains, horses and campaigns.

Good morning starshines! Hope you’re all enjoying your four day week and prepped for the weekend (only a sleep away people). It’s Elly here for your daily news round up, with some fab events in Leeds coming up in the … Continue reading

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Leeds today: water, walking tour, websites, charity, councillors and beer.

Good morning, lovely people of Leeds. It’s Sophie here with today’s top stories. I won’t venture to speculate on Leeds’ weather as i’m currently out of the country. However, i’d like to imagine it’s something along the usual lines of … Continue reading

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Feature article: how would you like LCC to be run?

Guest Post by Alison Neale. Just in case you hadn’t heard (where have you been?!), on Thursday 3 May a referendum will be held alongside the local elections. The question being asked is: How would you like Leeds City Council … Continue reading

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Leeds today: the political animal stirs, plus horses, housing, zombies and sculpture.

Morning! I hope you’re all bright and refreshed after a long weekend. The out-of-the-window weather report suggests that today will be a decent day, maybe a bit windy but sunny and clear with a few spots of rain. Sounds like … Continue reading

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Leeds today: Caribbean, chocolate, council, culture and controversy!

Morning! There’s a four day weekend ahead, the sun is back on form, and we’re wrapping up what to do over the break alongside the news & views of the day. What’s not to love? Mike Chitty has been asking … Continue reading

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Leeds today: straw houses, slippy roads, solar-powered street maps and sports centre.

Good morning, readers. It’s Sophie here with your daily dose of Leeds goings ons. Fingers crossed I don’t miss anything blindingly obvious as i’m actually at home in the sunny South at the moment. Anyway, let’s get cracking… It’s not … Continue reading

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Leeds today: politics, Pontefract, power and poor weather.

Good morning, people of our fair city (and beyond)! It’s Elly here with your news round up this fairly grey and frankly dull morning. We covered the story of the potential closure of Pontefract A&E a while back – the … Continue reading

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