Leeds today: get voting, Leeds Council severance payments, Live At Leeds, ethical local fashion and plenty more to boot…

Morning all – well it’s actually getting dangerously close to lunchtime now isn’t it, sorry. It’s Tom here doing your Thursday round-up of Leeds news. And before you ask, no I haven’t voted yet, but I will vote later on today. I promise.

While we’re on voting, a little reminder that there are Leeds City Council elections today, and a referendum on whether we should have an elected mayor in Leeds. There’s loads of completely impartial information on the LCC website. There’s also a good post by Phil Kirby over on Culture Vultures and another one by Alan Lane on the same website which give some thoughts on whether an elected mayor would be a good thing for Leeds or not. It’s up to you to make up your own mind.

With the elections going on, it’s actually quite a slow news day in Leeds, but fear not we have information to pass on still.

The Yorkshire Evening Post are reporting that Leeds City Council have spent £12.8m in the last two years on severance payments to staff who have left the authority early. This sum includes a whopping £183,000 to one senior officer.

Sticking with the YEP, they’re also reporting that locals in Rawdon have formed the Rawdon Billing Action Group to try and protect 98 hectares of beautiful land outside Rawdon which Leeds City Council are proposing as a potential spot for a new Leeds village.

ITV.com have reported on some interesting findings by students from the University of Leeds, who say gardens should have a ‘messy area’ to help look after the eco-system. Sounds like a good excuse to be lax to me…

Over on South Leeds Life they have good news for Middleton residents with news that members of the Middleton Life local history project have begun planning the exhibition panels which will be part of the Tenants Hall Enterprise Centre,

Over on the blogs, our very own Elly has a new post up about local independent ethical fashion over on Magic Square Foundation – a great look at the excellent Remade In Leeds and Antiform.

In events news, promoters Bang The Bore have a pretty special looking gig on tonight, with John Butcher, Gino Robair & Paul Hession performing at Left Bank Leeds. The performers are an exciting mix of modernist composers and improvisors, including exceptional local drummer Paul Hession.

And of course, this weekend it’s the massive Live At Leeds festival across the city centre and LS6. To look ahead to the weekend, and help promote some of Leeds’ excellent food and drink spots Culture Vulture have asked Simon Fogal to speak to some of the musicians playing the festival and find out their favourite places for beer, coffee, snacks and food.

Now, I must go vote. And you should too.

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