Leeds today: the morning after, vote count, empty houses, Miggy railway theft, photos, and a weekend of music

Friends, Loiners, countrymen – a very good morning. It’s the morning after our annual self-preservation exercise in passing the buck for all that’s wrong in our lives to other people – better known to most of us (well, to the 30% that vote) as ‘election day’.

While the rest of the country (or rather the dozen or so party apparatchiks and insomniacs who could be bothered) stayed up to follow the results from councils across the rest of the country (and marvel at David Dimbleby’s extraordinary tie), votes in Leeds are counted in the city later this morning. Through the day we will find out the names of our new councillors across the city’s wards, as well as whether the people of Leeds will have the chance to vote for a mayor in November.

Watch this space.

Leeds Community Foundation is raising funds to transform empty and abandoned houses into family homes. The fund, aiming to raise an initial £45,000, is to be opened in support of the Social Business Brokers’ ‘Call to Action’ campaign on empty homes. A cash donation of £10,000 has already been secured; the foundation is looking to raise its target amount by the Call to Action event on May 16th.

South Leeds Life reports on the fightback against thieves on the Middleton Railway. The railway, which has been running since 1758 and is the oldest continuously working railway in the world, has been the victim of metal theft in recent months. Chairman Andrew Gill now says that the railway will be using SmartWater – a liquid solution dabbed onto surfaces containing a code which can then be read under ultraviolet light. Gill adds, “Please report any suspicious activity around the site or line to the police if you see it.”

The council’s Looking at Leeds photo competition is now open for submissions. The contest is seeking out your photographs of Leeds capturing its people, places, cultures and communities. Among the prizes on offer are a family ticket for Leeds Rhinos and vouchers for the St Johns Centre.

Warm wishes to Leeds Trinity Principal and Chief Executive Professor Freda Bridge who has announced her retirement after forty years in the field of education. Professor Bridge joined the university in 2005 and has overseen the conferment of Taught Degree Awarding Powers three years ago as well as the opening of a range of brand new developments. She will be leaving the post at the end of the year.

It is of course another Bank Holiday weekend. And here in Leeds it’s not just any Bank Holiday weekend! The much-anticipated Live At Leeds Weekend is here, with Sam Monk previewing the highlights on The Culture Vulture.

Also on CV is a preview of the Live Music Exchange in the Venue Bar Meeting Room at Leeds College of Music today and tomorrow – run in conjunction with Live At Leeds. Gathering together leading academics with people in the music industry, this is a conference, aimed at exchanging ideas about local live music promotion in today’s economy.

That’s all for another week. We’ll see you on the other side of May Day weekend!

An earlier version of this article had the mayoral elections in May next year. This has been corrected.

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    Aren’t mayoral elections scheduled to happen with the police comissioner ones in november?

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