Leeds today: shipwreck, altruism, hospital staff, running, poverty, twitnic, and anthems.

Morning! Today it’s all about the weather (again); it seems like May might finally be here – Mike is in shorts! So, as you try to scrub that mental image out of your head, let us get on with the news.

If you were on Briggate on Saturday you may have been treated to the sight of a shipwreck in the middle of the street. It’s still there now, and will be for a little while to come.

Shipwreck on Briggate

Shipwreck on Briggate, © Alison Neale

It’s all part of a city-wide art exhibit called Overworlds and Underworlds that we’ve been mentioning for a couple of weeks. Fran Graham says:

…it’s part of OverWorlds & UnderWorlds, which happens this weekend, 18-20 May – when the Quay Brothers will flood the city centre, County Arcade, Briggate and Dark Arches, with music, dance, theatre, art, film….

Keep your eye out for interesting things happening this weekend!

For two years on the trot we’re getting an extra bank holiday! Gawd bless ‘er maj, and all that. So occasional BGL guest writer Kirsty Ware has organised a picnic for twitterers – a twitnic – for June 4th. Sign up, bring something along, and meet new and interesting people! BGL may well be there.

According to Martin Wainwright on the Northerner the new Yorkshire anthem is a bit cannibalistic. It’s the old anthem, by the way – On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘At – which admittedly does argue that what goes around comes around. A good article about how Yorkshire seems to be having a period of being very Yorkshire at the moment, and well worth the read.

Also on the Guardian is a report on the Turning Point steering group meeting about arts development in Yorkshire. Of course the Hepworth is mentioned, but there’s some interesting developments in the arts up here. Shame the conference was in London, really.

The Morley Observer notes that there are other companies claiming to be part of Wrap Up Leeds than those officially allowed to do so. Homeowners are being advised to be vigilant. The free loft insulation service is doing well across the city, however.

The YEP is reporting that more than 200 jobs are at risk in the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. In order to produce savings of near £50m the Trust is looking at reducing non-frontline staff, but is still recruiting nurses.

The Post has a great video of some of the 6000 people who took part in yesterday’s Leeds Half-Marathon. The route – which is regarded by some as one of the country’s toughest – takes runners on a tour of the city and suburbs, and is expected to have raised many thousands of pounds for charities.

On that node, Leeds blogger Margot And Barbara have a nice piece of writing about running without music. It’s quite difficult for many of us, it seems (I know I certainly find it harder to run without it).

We’re big fans of Disrupting Poverty here at BGL, so we’re happy to mention organiser Mike Chitty’s latest email update on what has happened recently in the campaign. From benefits testing for the lowest-paid employees at LCC to making wooden figures for I Love West Leeds (which is coming up fast!), this shows that poverty is a problem that can be addressed.

Finally today, we’d like to draw your attention to South Leeds Life reader Alan Shaw’s post about Striving against Selfishness in Middleton, an interesting piece of work on altruism and human nature based around volunteering in Middleton Park.

That’s it for today! Elly should be with you tomorrow, and Sophie on Wednesday (along with her last ever article for BGL on Leeds Loves Food). As ever please get in touch if there’s anything you’d like us to feature, and thanks for reading.

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