Leeds today: Live at Leeds Unconference, art prizes x2 , Middleton Gala, how to lure bees, clean beaches and farewell.

Good morning, lovely readers. It’s Sophie here with a reluctant final post for BGL. I’m graduating pronto (fingers crossed – please cross yours too) and leaving Leeds for sunnier climes so sadly will no longer be bringing you Wednesday’s post. So, for the last time ever, here are the top stories from Leeds and its surrounding areas…

Some tips from the top as the Culture Vulture’s guest blogger Penny (@tokaipenny) gives us a potted version of advice dished out at the Live at Leeds Unconference. Some handy pointers for those wanting to break into the music industry – she basically concludes that you’re a tool if you missed it.

Also on the CV is a rundown of the  Woolgather Art Prize launch night. Spiffy venue, free-flowing booze, ooh and a variety of artwork got the thumbs up from artist reviewer, Alison McIntyre. An ‘eclectic mix of of painting, 3D work, installation, photography and moving image’ is set to dazzle us at the exhibition in the building that was formerly ‘The Loft’. It’s all there for you to feast your eyes/ears on until June 8th from 12-6pm. More about the shortlisted talent here.

Over on South Leeds Life, Alison Neale wants to hear your opinions on how communities should communicate with officialdom. Are web forums really the way forward or does that leave those who aren’t web-savvy/online out? Should we revert to old-school community bulletin boards? Have your say here.

Also on South Leeds Life is the latest on the Middleton Gala 2012 – the date is fixed for Saturday 14th July. You’ll find more info and how to get involved by following the link.

East Street Arts have brought the Marmite Painting Prize to our attention. Any painter can submit their work for judging by a professional panel to be in with the chance of winning a commissioned marmite artwork by Richard Wentworth. For me, a slice of marmitey toast is itself a work of art – my mind boggles at what a piece of commissioned marmite artwork might involve…

Leeds Uni’s ‘bee friendly’ garden is to feature at London’s fancy Chelsea Flower Show. As well as boosting the world’s dwindling bee population, the garden gets top marks for environmental friendliness by letting logs rot and leaving grass to grow for longer. The exhibit heads down South for the event next week.

If the sun ever puts his hat on, we might think about heading to the beach. East Yorkshire’s squeaky-clean Bridlington South and North beaches have both received Blue Flag awards this year so are definitely worth a visit, come rain or shine.

That’s it for today’s news. Please check back later today for my feature article on the upcoming Leeds Loves Food festival extravaganza… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

I hate goodbyes. You hang up, no you hang up et cetera. Please follow me (on Twitter, not in real life) as I branch out into the big bad world of journalism (@sophie_dev_). Thanks again for reading and please keep reading – BGL is the bee’s knees. Over and out.

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