Leeds today: food, tanks, racism, BEES, Bradford, tea, bunting and Rain.

Wednesday! Mike here, bringing you news, views and what-to-do over the next couple of days in Leeds. Since Sophie departed I’ll be in the chair for Wednesday & Thursday for the foreseeable future. As soon as you’ve finished reading this go & enjoy some sun, top up that vitamin D, and find some ice cream. (BTW, if anybody finds some good coffee ice cream in Leeds let us know, please!)

The big news today is the anti-racism in schools push. According to the BBC Leeds saw over 4000 reported incidents of racist bullying in its schools between 2007-11. Today the BBC will be running with this on local news & radio, where people will be having their say. It’ll be hard to listen to, but worth tuning in for.

Also in the news today is a story in the YEP about plans to reduce flood risks in Leeds by installing storage tanks. Five massive tanks will be installed near Gipton in an attempt to reduce the flooding that happens in that area in heavy rains.

Again in the YEP: the court case over where the Arena would be built has opened up. The preliminary hearing heard that a site in Holbeck was on the cards before LCC cancelled the invitations to tender & decided to build the venue in Little London instead. This one could be painful (and go on for years).

Leeds design agency Epiphany has won an internationally recognised award for their work on a UK energy consumption website. Interesting stuff, and well done.

Finally from the YEP, a story close to my own hobbies; The Yorkshire Building Society has got some new bee hives at the HQ. I firmly support any initiative that gets people beekeeping and puts hives in safe and good locations for the bees. Nice job.

(BTW, if anybody from the Leeds building soc on Albion St is reading, I’d love to get on the roof to see the hives up there…)

Bradford-based blogger Irna Qureshi has produced a list of things to do around Bradford over the next few weeks. This is culture, and then some! If you’re on that side of town it’s a great list of what’s coming up. I should point out that Leeds playwright Sarah Wallis also has a play on at the Theatre in the Mill next week. The Rain King is about water, and survival, and a goat. And Elvis. Well worth going to see!

Leeds is no slouch when it comes to events, though. Of course the huge event coming up is Leeds Loves Food this weekend. BGL will be there wandering around for at least Friday lunchtime and Saturday afternoon – say hello! Writers wear little badges with our initials on. (If you sell coffee ice cream then really, keep an eye out for me.)

Also over the weekend is the inaugural Teapots and Twirls, a tea dance afternoon at Interplay on Armley Ridge Road. The dance will be raising money for The Prince of Wales hospice in Pontefract who care for people with terminal illness.

If you’ve not had enough tea (or even if you have, give how the cocktails come), on Sunday Dock St Market is playing host to Bunting Sunday, an initiative to make the world’s longest piece of bunting for Leeds and York NHS Trust, as part of their What’s Your Goal? campaign. How cool!

Finally today, over on the Northerner is the news that the Yorkshire Garden has finally won a Gold at Chelsea. Lovely!

Ok, that’s me done for today. If you have anything that you’d like to see on these pages then let us know! Contact details are on the website under “contact”, or just stop us and tell us things. See you tomorrow – and enjoy the sun!

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  1. Mike Chitty says:

    Painful, long lasting and expensive court case….are legal costs included in the figure for the arena costs to Leeds taxpayers….

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