Leeds today: pavement, bikes, running, cheese, buildings, books and Iron Man.

Morning! Another beautiful day in West Yorks, and we hope you’re making the most of it.

Do you want to see the Tour De France come to Yorkshire? Officials from La Tour will be in Leeds today, and the backers would like to see cyclists on the streets. There are events happening in Victoria Gardens as well – an exhibition of vintage bikes, for example – kicking off at around 11, but the people behind the bid are keen to just have plenty of bikes out there, making Leeds look like a cyclist-friendly city. Which mostly it is – hopefully the officials won’t see the Otley road, especially the junction by the Library pub and the school of mining.

A Morley Fundraiser is in need of volunteers to help pack bags at Sainbury’s White Rose on Saturday. Neil is raising money for the Thomas Cammack Appeal, for research and awareness into neuroblastoma, and if you’ve got an hour or two spare could really use your help.

In the best case of “name fitting a job” I’ve seen for a while, the YEP reports that fireman Paul Drinkwater is aiming to raise £5,000 for Lineham Farm in Eccup by running the 127 miles from Liverpool to Leeds along the canal in around 36 hours. We wish him well and hope that his fundraising targets are met! Read this article, it’ll either make you think “wow, that sounds like fun” or “wow, that sounds like hell”.

The tents have gone up in Millennium Square for Leeds Loves Food, and Alex James will be there flogging cheese. The event opens tomorrow, but don’t forget that there’s stuff happening at the Corn Exchange as well as Millennium Square, and keep an eye on Twitter for what looks like a fringe event, a Northern Street Food gathering in the streets of the city between the two locations.

A new £50m campus for Bradford College has been greenlit. New buildings will spring up in the city centre for the College, which will be closing buildings as the new ones appear.

LCC has launched a campaign to make our streets easier to use, says the YEP. People leaving bins out or cars on pavements make life difficult for wheelchair users or those with buggies. A trial in Beeston to issue fixed-penalty notices to people who leave their bins out or badly park vehicles is underway. I’d like to point out that this is a two-way street, however – people with buggies in the city centre don’t seem to think about pedestrians from time to time and are unrepentant when challenged (as my bruised ankles will attest). This shouldn’t be about fines and retribution, but mutual respect for one’s space on the pavement.

Our friends at South Leeds Life have published their regular what keeps south Leeds ticking links roundup. This week it’s about bin fires, a decent donation for the Middleton Light Railway and plenty of community meeting writeups.

Speaking of South Leeds, plans are on the table for a development that could see Carlton double in size by encroaching onto farmland, says the YEP. Residents are concerned by seeing greenbelt diminish, but like the developments in Yeadon and Guiseley that BGL has covered in the past, real concerns about infrastructure are also in the back of people’s minds.

A bit of a heads-up for an event in a couple of weeks; The Travelling Suitcase Library will be taking over Dock Street Market on Wednesday 13 June 7-9 pm ish for a “Bad book amnesty”:

“Point Horrors, Babysitter’s Club, Andy McGUNS, Jackie Collins, Ridiculous Sci-Fi, Mills & Boon, DRAGONS!, Miseryographies, Celeb Trash, etc etc; NO “proper” BOOKS Allowed
· ‘Worst Cover’ competition-bring your favourite ‘worst’ sci-fi, fantasy or romance cover and win CAKE
· Meet other lovers of good old fashioned trash in a non-judgemental, social space!

Finally today, the Telegraph & Argus has a story about a chap who made his own Iron Man costume from 400 pieces of firbreglass-covered cardboard. Wow, frankly. He’s been commissioned to produce a second costume for the Armouries, too. Well done, that man.

That’s it for today! Mark will be with you tomorrow to keep you going through the weekend, and if you have something you’d like to say for our Friday Comment then please get in touch! Thanks for reading – cheerio.

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