Leeds today; shock factor, little muffins, twitnic and zombies. And some other stuff.

Hello Leeds! It’s Kirsty here (as Mike would say, yay!), filling in for the absent Elly, who is currently swanning round Europe like a 50s film star.

Leading today is the “shock state of the city” report from the Yorkshire Evening Post. An ongoing feature, it’s a bit of a no-brainer (some stuff is good, some stuff is bad), but presumably in order to get the ‘shock’ factor the accompanying features so far have weighed heavily in the ‘bad stuff’ category. I hope as the week goes on it also focuses on some of the brilliant things and people happening in Leeds, rather than the good news just being Trinity.

The YEP are also reporting on the line-up of Party in the Park. Apparently Tulisa-the-tape and her little muffins Little Mix will be there. You know, if that’s your thing. You can apply for the ticket lottery here. Has Opera in the Park been announced yet, or is that quietly being dropped?

Over to South Leeds Life now, and an article about the Don Revie statue that’s been placed at Elland Road. I know nothing about football and have no clue who Don Revie is, but it’s nice to see a statue with such a quirky pose – was he famous for it?

Leeds Community Hosting Partnership are looking for Community Organisers. You’ll work with thirteen different organisations to learn how to engage with people and promote community communication. It’s a year long, paid job, and could really make a difference. This is a great opportunity, and I’m tempted to go for it myself.

A bit of a plug for myself here, but have you heard about Twitnic? It’s a twitter picnic to bring together the twitter community in Leeds, and to celebrate the Jubilee. It’s happening on 4th June from 1-5pm and everyone’s welcome – there might even be party bags (there are party bags). There’s also going to be a fantastic afterparty at Dock Street Market, and they’ll be holding a chillout session the next day alongside another party. More information and tickets are available here. If picnicking isn’t your thing, how about Jubilee Sheep Racing, as reported by Guardian Northerner? Bet they don’t have party bags though…

And finally, though a bit in advance, but look out on the streets in July because 2.8 Hours Later is back. Over a weekend the streets will be occupied by zombies and people frantically trying to escape them. Everybody I know who did this last year massively enjoyed it, and it’s an unusual way to spend an evening. If you don’t like zombies, don’t worry. They’re trained to only lurch at people who are wearing official armbands, so will stay away from the general public and any major roads. I’ve never seen them train zombies like that in movies. Leeds must have special zombies.

And that’s me until next week! Have a great day, enjoy the sun while it’s here.


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