Leeds today: Birthday, empty buildings, arts funding, running, beer, bands & bikes.

Afternoon! Mike here, enjoying the rain and the cool it brings. Typically British, enjoying whatever weather gets thrown at us! Erm…

Before we get too into today’s news, though, there’s a bit of an announcement. Yesterday, May 30th was the first anniversary of what eventually became our Leeds today posts. I made a decision to call June 1st our birthday because we were still finding our feet in that first week, but like the Queen we’re not above extending the celebrations a little. We’ve been running a year, guys. A year. I’d like to say thank you to all the guest writers we’ve had over the year, as well as our regular staffers who keep me sane. And I can’t thank you, the readers, enough for keeping us going in that time. We would be nothing without you, and we’re proud to be able to serve you. So: happy birthday, us. Here’s hoping for many more.

Although I’m not sure whether there is a conspiracy, the Leeds Citizen has got the details on the LCC arts funding that was protected by commercial confidentiality rules at the start of the month. What I find interesting is the list of projects that have been funded and the descriptors – some of these sound brilliant and I really want to see them.

Fresh Business Thinking has got some details on the Government premises being made available to startups project that was announced by the PM back in January. 20 premises across the country – including Leeds – will be made available to businesses trying to get off the ground. Interested people have until the end of June to register for the project. BGL would like to know where the premises in Leeds are, but that’s because we’re nosey and like empty buildings.

Do you think you could tell the difference between Leeds Tetleys & the stuff brewed in the Midlands? The Yorkshire Post asks Simon Jenkins to find out. According to Toby Flint from the Scarbrough Taps:

“I’ve got guys who have been drinking Tetley’s for 30 or 40 years. They were never going to change if they didn’t have to – and they love it. There were some issues at first but now the quality is as high as it ever was. Tetley’s used to completely out-sell Leeds Brewery, but now they are pretty much neck-and-neck. But I’m still selling six or seven hundred pints of Tetley a week.”

The Wharfdale Observer notes that Greg Mulholland has joined other local MPs in backing the bid to bring the Tour de France to Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire.

Trade newspaper Heating and Ventilating Review has a story on a plumber, banned from carrying out gas work, continuing to do gas work and being prosecuted for doing so in Leeds.

Three stories from South Leeds Life now.

All worth reading.

East Street Arts has an open call out for submissions to The Comm(o)nist Gallery, a gallery “concerned with what it means to act and produce communistically at this moment in time”. Video and 2D works are wanted for the exhibition.

Finally today, the YEP has put out a video training guide for people taking part in the Run for All 10k in six weeks time. Are you taking part? Have you started training yet? Follow this series of videos for help in getting yourself into shape for the run.

And that’s us for today. Mark will be with you tomorrow with more details of what’s going on over the weekend and then because it’s a bank holiday we’re taking the day off. But Kirsty will be back with you on Tuesday – perhaps slightly hungover – to let you know what’s what. And of course Tuesday is a BH too, which I’d forgotten. So instead I’ll be back on Wednesday with all the what’s what. And once again, thanks for reading over the last year. 261 blog posts, well over 40 thousand reads… It’s been a good year.

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