Leeds today: yes, it’s raining. Plus Beeston, Holt Park, torchbearers, knitting and the Euros.

Morning! Today’s weather advice: think about taking an umbrella with you. You may not need it but you’ll be glad of it if you do.

In fact it’s so wet that the M1 was closed for a while this morning (BBC). You know things are bad when that happens. Stay careful out there, especially if you’re driving through standing water.

The rain caused the Bradford Mela and the Honley Show to be cancelled, too. The Telegraph & Argus says that Peel Park was so waterlogged that to have the Mela go ahead would have caused damage that could take years to repair, and concerns over safety played a major role in the decision to cancel. The Show was cancelled because “the reality is we can’t get anything on or off the field. The ground conditions are terrible,” said show President Alan Turner.

Back in Leeds, however, the Beeston Festival carried on as if there was nothing to worry about. South Leeds Life has a great slideshow of the event and a word from one of the organisers, and the YEP has a bit more detail as to what went on during the day in Cross Flatts park – despite the weather. There was also a gala in East Leeds – the annual fundraiser for Scholes village hall went ahead as planned.

There will be a reception for the 55 Leeds Torchbearers tomorrow; those chosen to carry the Olympic torch through the city will be feted and given the chance to stand in the limelight. One of those chosen is Sadaharu Mishina, who will be carrying the torch through Morley on the 25th. Mishina lost his daughter in the 2011 Japanese tsunami, but stayed at the hotel he worked at to ensure the safety of guests.

The Torch route, by the way, is being encouraged to put on celebration events as the torch passes through. Given that the 25th is a weekday will children and workers be given exemptions to go & see the torch? Who am I kidding?

It’s all about the sport today, it seems. Millennium Square has been rigged up with big safety barriers so that people can watch Euro matches on the big screen. Remember: kick off of England vs France is at 5pm today, so if Millennium Square is on your route home from work find a different route.

Do you know anybody who played for Green Lane Cricket Club? That’s the question being posed by current groundskeeper Tommy Powell (in the YEP). The club has had a rich & varied history and is trying to piece together some of the jigsaw in time for a club reunion in September.

Holt Park Today has a great piece of video on the opening of the new Entrance to the Park, as opened by Greg Mulholland MP. The entrance has been designed to attract wildlife to the area and be the perfect spot for residents of Holt Park to relax.

The Bradford T&A has a great story on getting Saltaire knitting – the village is taking part in a project to “showcase the World Heritage Site’s woollen heritage in a fun and quirky way”. Do you live in Saltaire? Do you knit? Let us know!

Finally today, it’s a Happy Birthday to our friends at North-Leeds News. Well done, chaps. Well done.

Right, that’s it for today! We’re going to play this week by ear with who does what (it was Mike today, btw), but we will have things for you to read every day, just like normal. If you’d like us to feature anything then please get in touch – we love to hear from you (even if we’re rubbish at replying)!

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