Leeds today: torch, health, cake, Emerge, Trinity, Beacons, fashion, negatives and radio stars.

Morning, people! Would you just look at that weather! It’s sunny, warm, there’s some perfect fluffy clouds coming along in the blue skies… it’s almost like we’re in June.

This is the week the Olympic Torch comes to Yorkshire! It’s en route from Middlesborough to Hull today along the coast road, but briefly enters the Leeds area tomorrow before arriving back at the weekend. Yes, the Limpics are an expensive circus in a time of austerity and all that lot, but if you like spectacle and feeling part of something bigger, then why not?

Something I wasn’t aware of; from next April LCC will take on the public health mantle from the NHS. This is one of those pro/con things; arguably anything to do with health should be the remit of the NHS, but fixing things causing public health problems is normally the council’s remit (and things like environmental health are already run by LCC). We’ll wait and see, but expect there to be the usual confusion at handover next spring.

Were you wondering what was going on down Briggate last weekend? Planet Leeds was happening (YEP). A dance show from many Leeds communities was put together on stages on Briggate and Kirkgate market.

Do you have an opinion on dogs fouling? The people of South Leeds do and they want your data for a campaign on enforcing the rules.

We do have a habit of accentuating the positive in the areas where we live, but South Leeds Life did get an email complaining about just how bad the area really is. It is to their credit that they published the email, asking themselves if we tend to gloss over the negatives. We get so fed up of seeing negative opinion pieces and attacks on people and places that we do tend to report positive news wherever we can. Sometimes we do need the reality check.

The YEP is reporting that an artist who learned how to “do” art in Leeds has a solo show on in the city. James Naughton, who studied at what is now LMU, has an exhbition on at the Hester on Meanwood Road.

North Leeds News has a story that we’re going to be following up on, as roving reporter Elly Snare will hopefully be attending the fashion networking party at Chilli White. A great way to meet like-minded people from the world of fashion!

Wondering which festival to go to? Well, we like the Magic Loungeabout – not least because favourites Bettakultcha will be there – but for something else you may like to read this preview of Beacons, near Skipton, written by Wakey band Rhubarb Bomb.

We’d like to say “good luck” to Leeds Trinity University Collge who are seeking University status after guidelines on student numbers were recently changed. So it is fitting that today sees the radio team at Trinity start their month-long residency at BCB, headed by Richard Horsman. I expect good things from these guys!

Coming up on the 24th June, Bradford-based folk-inspired indie band Wilful Missing will be playing at All Hallows Church in Hyde Park, with support from Wakefield’s Fran Smith.

Tonight sees loads of events – the previews of Loserville at the WYP, a fantastic-looking Clandestine Cake Club event at a Top Secret Location in Leeds AND the Emerge Festival industry evening at the Carriageworks. A busy night!

And that’s us for today. Elly will be with you tomorrow, and as always if you have something to tell us, please do! Email or tweet, or tackle us in the street. Thanks for reading!

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