Leeds today: fashion (darling), art, Zumba, photo, torches and sparkles.

Morning everyone! We had a jam-packed day yesterday of news and events, so as you might expect you can’t have it all, every day. It’s a little more sparse today; like a hail-beaten bracken after a storm, if you will.

The Common-all Games are holding an evening later this month invited you to submit your tasteless records (sleeves and all) in Vinyl Tat’s The Institution for the Preservation of Bad Art. There’s a number of categories you can submit your terrible records into, including Hot DiggidyNo Dignity, demonstrating the ravages of time and fashion.

This Friday and Saturday is the Fashion and Innovation event held by the Leeds College of Art F&I students over at Munro House. You can find more information on the Facebook event – should be good! Over on the Drum, Kristal Ireland has also done an interesting review of the LCoA show with ‘a return to making things’, so make sure you give it a read.

In a fashion double whammy, Saturday is also another one of the incredibly popular Remade in Leeds clothes exchanges up in Hyde Park. I love these events and they’re always well-attended, so you can pick up some new togs for nothing.

In a triple whammy: over on LOL! Leeds Online, Shang Ting has a thorough and intelligent review of the LCoA fashion show held at Left Bank. Great pictures and commentary, so worth a read fashion fans.

Thanks to @tenderbranston on Twitter who recommended I write a ‘fluff piece about the Olympic torch’. Here goes: blah blah torch, light of the games, Royal Beans is getting involved, blah blah fluffy torch.

“Can community pride be expressed through cake?” – the question you’ve always wanted answering over on South Leeds Life. (thanks @Jason_Slack)

At the end of this month, there’s the Digital Health Conference and Hack Event. Sounds very, very interesting and will be fascinating to find out what happens, as well as your thoughts on the event. Let us know if you’re going! (thanks @claireOT)

This Saturday is the RIBA Photohunt in Leeds – check out Leeds Photo Hunt blog for more details. Also, how about some cool postcard art? (thanks @gazpachodragon)

Brigshaw High School beat the world record for number of people in a Zumba class, with over 3000 merrily dancing individuals taking part. Awesome. They’ve also got a Family Gala this Saturday with inflatables people. INFLATABLES. (thanks @mrh800)

Finally, here’s Kirsty’s Sock of The Day:

Would you like to be considered for Sock of the Day? If so, please tweet @BeyondGdnLeeds with a picture of your socks and we will pop you in the end of the post! Have a great day and don’t forget to give us all your noos and voos for BGL – we love your thoughts. Ciao darlings!

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