Leeds today: BUS REFORM! recycling calendars, lottery winners, Heart Cafe, BEER! FOOTY! and stuff

Ey up Leeds. It’s Wednesday again, which means it’s me – Tom (@tomas311) – again. Which means at some point I’ll probably drop in some stories about beer and football. Or both. I don’t want you to think I’m some kind of lager lout football hooligan type though. I’m not. I’m even listening to Joanna Newsom and drinking a herbal tea as I type.

Anyway, enough about me. You want news, blogs and stuff. So, here we go…

I’m going to start with a story from the Construction Enquirer, because I bet few very people even knew it existed. Why? Because they’re reporting that Leeds is getting YET ANOTHER student tower block. We’re really short on them in Leeds, and this one will be a mere 21 stories high, cost £25m and sit behind that nice Broadcasting Place building.

Good news in the Yorkshire Evening Post today. There is going to be a crackdown on bus services. A lot of people get very cross about Leeds’ transport provisions and this new scheme – called a “quality contract” – would give Metro a control over routes and fares, taking them away from private companies like First and Arriva. Sounds like good news to me.

Sticking with YEP, I have a story here about recycling. Which is important. So listen. 300,00 Leeds homes will be getting recycling calendars so they know when their recycling bins will be collected right up until December 2013. Apparently Leeds council think making it clear when bins are collected will make more people recycle. And you know what, I think they might just be right. NB, this story is worth clicking on because it contains just about the shoddiest photo of a bin I’ve ever seen.

Also, it’s Recycle Week this week in Leeds. So if you don’t recycle at the moment – you bad, bad person – why not start now?

And a lovely story from the Beeb. A nice couple from Swillington spent a day mopping up flooding in their local community centre, having not realised that they had won the lottery. They now have an extra £2.1m in the bank, which is nice for them. But they say that they would have done the mopping up in their community centre anyway. See, I told you they were nice.

A lady by the name of Rachel Kershaw is coming to Leeds on Sunday. Who she? She’s only England’s (as in the country, not the football team of the same name) biggest fan. Rachel is on a tour of the country supported by Visit England. Known as VisitEngland’s Fan in a Van, she’ll be going to Harewood House and Temple Newsam while in Leeds, and you can follow her adventures on her blog and Twitter.

There has been loads of posts on LOL! in the last 24 hours. And by loads we mean six. They’re all good ‘uns too, with the splendid John Baron. reporting on the sad news that there will be job cuts at Yorkshire Post and YEP as editorial staff are merged,  looking ahead to Leeds Waterfront Festival on 30th June and 1st July and previewing a community broadcast of music and literature from the derelict Seacroft Chapel. Elsewhere on the site, Wendy Denman rounds up stuff to do in Leeds this week, and Mick McCann declares Spain boring and reckons England can win the Euros.

We shall take a brief sojourn into the musical world and let you know the noisily ace Leeds independent record label Brew Records have signed grungy-types Nine Black Alps. Who are rather good.

I’ve also been pointed in the direction of rather splendid little gig taking place at Wharf Chambers this Saturday, featuring some noisy local acts including Bilge Pump and Hookworms. Both of whom are ace. Nope and Kogumaza are playing too, but I’ve not heard them, so can’t comment. Thanks to @nickrowan27 for the tip.

The lovely Heart Cafe in Headingley have two events going on tonight, a Poetry & Music Evening with a Northern/Yorkshire theme and CoMA Leeds will be performing in the venue as part of Headingley Music Festival.

And now my BEER AND FOOTY column. First off beer (sorry I know it’s a little early). The Beer Prole has been to visit Whitelocks now it’s been bought and re-done by Mason & Taylor and Ghost Drinker has news of an ale festival kicking off at The Victory bar at the Village Hotel in LS16 on 5th-7th July. And in footy news, Leeds United have bought a player, but still have not got any takeover/investment. The player in question is 33 year-old left back Adam Drury. Who is supposedly good, but will probably turn pants, as is the way with all Leeds left backs. Read a more detailed piece on this in the Yorkshire Post.

Oh, and while I remember someone had some kind of torch in Leeds yesterday, and gave it to a member of the royal family. You could probably watch it all live on the BBC if you were interested. And England did something in the football last night too – which means ALL they have to do is beat Italy, then some more teams and we will become CHAMPIONS OF THE UNIVERSE. YES!

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to put on some St George’s Cross facepaint and run excitedly round Meanwood Park.

But not before, SOCK OF THE DAY of course. Behold. Sock from @LeedsPirate. Amazing.

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