Leeds today: Poets, LPs, prison, SOCKS, streets, drinking, Leeds Guide, Barnardo’s and SNAKES.

Morning! If you don’t have an umbrella with you already, pick one up. It looks like today is going to be pretty soggy here in GOC. And tomorrow, and probably until this time next week. Anyway, today we have SO MUCH NEWS!

Do you go walking around Swinsty reservoir? Keep an eye out for a boa constrictor. Seriously, a six foot boa has been spotted out there, so although humans are probably safe keep an eye on your dog.

Are you a schoolkid? Then give yourself a pat on the back as apparently attendance rates in Leeds were at an all-time high last year, in both primary & secondary schools. Well done!

Would you look at that! It seems that The Leeds Guide is back in business, only this time it’s being sponsored by a jobs site. Here’s hoping that it maintains the standards that it set back in the day, and doesn’t turn into one big advert for temping agencies. We have high hopes, chaps. Don’t let us down.

The Leeds Citizen comments on a designated public place order being put in Harehills to combat street drinking. If you drink in public places inside a DPPO area then you could be arrested. Many of these zones have been set up in Leeds – often on a temporary basis, although Mr Citizen can’t find any that have been rescinded yet – in places where there could be public order problems. Like the city centre, for example. Hm.

If you were at Temple Newsam yesterday and saw a big crowd of very small superheroes you were not hallucinating; rather you were seeing The Big Toddle, the UK’s largest fundraising event for under-5’s. The kids were raising money for Barnardo’s. by taking part in a small sponsored walk, this year dressed as their favourite superheroes. ADORABLE.

We covered the request for information a few months back, and now the history of St Peter’s at Burmantofts exhibit is open. The school is 200 years old and had a bit of a party to celebrate this. It survived bombing during the War, but was burned to the ground in 1987 by a stray firework – and reopened not long after.

Also in the YEP is news that that peculiar arch that goes nowhere on Water St in Holbeck will be preserved as part of the train station’s South Entrance work, and the sad news that Burley Methodist Chapel on Cardigan Lane is going up for sale after a final service on Saturday. Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into a carpet warehouse.

Here’s an interesting post on playing in the street by Rob Greenland on Playful Leeds:

I’m pretty sure we won’t make our street safer with speed bumps. Signs might be handy, but they won’t do much on their own. I bet we can up with more fun, playful ways to make our street the kind of street that every kid would want to grow up on.

Also interesting is a comment from someone who has organised a road closure in North Leeds, 4 times a year to allow the neighbourhood kids to play in the street.

Here’s today’s Sock of the Day:

Socks from White Laith Primary School at LTUC

White Laith Primary School in Whinmoor recently made these socks on a visit to Leeds Trinity University College. You’d never wear them (perhaps on your hands) but these are awesome socks. If you’d like to see your socks here then email them to us at the usual address!

If you missed it yesterday Leeds photographer and blogger Lloyd Spencer wrote a blog post for us on Chris Floyd’s 140 Characters at the White Cloth Gallery. It’s a good read!

The Leeds Initiative have some thoughts about prison; an interesting and thoughtful blog post which asks “what more can we do to make Leeds a better place for everyone, and for it to be better out than in?”

Events time now! Tonight is the latest instalment of Bettakultcha Bradford – tickets are still available – which sees people panic for five minutes as they try to get a whole idea across whilst thinking “that slide show is moving awfully fast”. Well worth going, believe me.

Tomorrow night sees a fundraiser for Leeds Young Authors – stars of the film We. Are. Poets. at Yorkshire Dance with appearances by a lot of the stars of Yorkshire poetry alongside a charity auction. Love poetry? Worth every penny.

On the 28th Doct St Market will be taken over by NoShuffle Album Appreciation Society, a group dedicated to the LP and acknowledging the fact that albums used to be works of art designed to be played from one end to t’other, with none of this “shuffle” business.

And the lineup for On The Edge keeps getting longer and longer. The festival, happening in various venues across the city, happens 20-22 July with music, poetry, performance art, street theatre and much more.

And that’s me done for today. As always, if you have a story you’d like us to mention the please get in touch. Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to email in your socks – and thanks for reading. Cheerio!

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