Leeds today: bugs, audio drama, vampires, accounts, madness.

Good morning starshines! While it may be grey outside, summer is truly here. No, seriously, it is: it’s National Insect Week and insects = summer. Thanks to Leeds Daily Photo for the headsup, and don’t forget to moodle over to their site to see a really cool picture of a bee.

Floods from rainfall last Friday have continued to affect parts of West Yorkshire, as the Huddersfield Daily Examiner details in their article on the clear up.

Teenagers from York have created a series of audio dramas based on real-life stories through the campaign Project Chance, reports the Guardian Northerner. You can hear all the dramas on the website and there’s also a project blog.

This Saturday you’re guaranteed a buzzing atmosphere (zing) with the 80s night in South Leeds, the aptly titled Hunslet Club Tropicana. Boomtown. More information over on South Leeds Life.

Want to know where your taxes have gone? Leeds City Council will be publishing their accounts on Monday 9th July and will also be available in an abridged form. Should make for interesting reading – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Duuuuh, duh duh duuuuuh, duh duhduuuuh, duh duh duuuuh *guitar screech*. That was the Buffy soundtrack, clearly, to mark that the Royal Armouries have recently purchased a vampire-slaying kit.

The Northern Ballet premier male dancer, Kenneth Tindall, has won a choreography competition in Hanover for this piece titled ‘Project #1’. Cool! Even cooler: the name of the prize – Bundesjugendballett Production Prize. Bless you.

LOL! Leeds Online has come up with another great list of things to do and see in Leeds this week – check it, yo.

Sock of the day comes from BGL contributor, Kirsty aka @gazpachodragon, whose infatuation with socks caused this whole debacle in the first place:

Right, that’s it, I’m orf to enjoy a day in the office. Have fun and if you get bored today, why not tweet @BeyondGdnLeeds with some exciting news you have? Or, to celebrate Tuesday, your favourite food beginning with T? Mine’s toffee. Ciao!

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