Leeds today: Bates out?, Promised Land, Bish goes to Vatican, James Steward & CANADIAN SOCKS

Good mid-morning Leeds. I’m (I being Tom – @tomas311) doing this a little later than usual. Not through tardiness, but because I had a meeting this morning. Us freelancers do sometimes leave the house.

So, news in Leeds today. Well, I’m going to start with BATES OUT! which will mean nothing to people who don’t follow Leeds United and everything to those that do. Over at Leeds Online sports editor (and member of Leeds United Supporters Trust) Lee Hicken says that they think Leeds United may well be taken over soon. If they’re right, it could be the end of the Ken Bates era at Leeds. I, for one, shall shed only tears of joy.

I’m going to, sort of, stick with Leeds United for one more piece, if you’ll allow it. Here’s a link to Mick McCann’s review of Promised Land, a musical adaptation of Anthony Clavane’s book about Leeds United. It’s over on Leeds Online, again, and the verdict is a nice big thumbs up.

Now for something completely different.

A Leeds man has been promoted to a job in Rome. That man is Leeds’ very own bishop the Rt Rev Arthur Roche (cool name) and his new job title is Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments – something of a mouthful. Essentially, he’s going to be an important man in the Vatican and chat with the Pope a lot. The BBC may give you a slightly more indepth analysis.

There’s yet more bad news for Johnston Press’ Yorkshire titles, as Press Gazette reports that Leeds Weekly News and Pudsey Times will both close. Boo.

Do you like planes? Do you like London? If your answers are both yes, you’ll be thrilled to hear that BA are planning a flight route from Leeds-Bradford to Heathrow. I bet it’s cheaper than the bloody train. Visit the Yorkshire Post for more on that one.

Now I don’t know much about fashion. But the Hebe Media folks do. Head over to their blog to see a fashion shoot they’ve done with Leeds designer James Steward.

Ah yes. Blogs. I shall tell you what the Leeds blogs are saying, shall I? First, my obligatory BEER post (I did FOOTY earlier). Zak, the man who runs ace Headingley beer heaven Beer-Ritz has written about craft beer from Maui, of all places, and posted a cute picture of his son with said beer. It’s on Are You Tasting The Pith? The Culture Vulture have a handy preview of On The Edge Festival 2012, a festival of music, art, theatre and poetry at Temple Works on 20th-22nd July. Finally, the next Leeds Art Walk is on 4th July and is a walk round Leeds, looking at art. Go on it.

Wanna do something today, eh? Well how about visiting the Round Foundry Media Centre to watch the second day of TedGlobal2012 simulcast from Edinburgh. The simulcast has already started and will run till  6.45pm. More here.

And tomorrow night, how about visiting the NoShuffle Album Appreciation Society at Dock Street Market. From 8pm they’ll be playing Supertramp’s Crime of the Century LP in full. I’ve not heard that record. Am I missing out?

And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for SOCK(S) OF THE DAY. Today, Alley models a rather spiffing pair of Canada socks. Why? Well because it’s Canada Day on Sunday. I love Canada, so I fully approve of these socks.

Now, time to change back into my pants and eat cold beans on the sofa. Ah, the life of a freelancer.

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4 Responses to Leeds today: Bates out?, Promised Land, Bish goes to Vatican, James Steward & CANADIAN SOCKS

  1. terry wragg says:

    Thank you for keeping up the BGL postings. However, isn’t the idea supposed to be that this is a place where one can read news of local interest that’s hard to find elsewhere? We readers are not looking for a random roundup of bland snippets from the papers or other blogs, but for stuff with a political edge of some kind – alternative news, in fact, whether campaigning or cultural. Sorry, but football definitely does not come into this category!
    Thanks again, and kind regards.

    • Football may not be of interest to everybody, but neither is politics. We’re trying to strike a balance – and sometimes that’s hard to do. If all we did was “alternative news” we’d have a paucity of posts, because finding such news is not easy and people don’t tell us what we need to know.

      Thanks for the comment! And as ever, if you have news you’d like us to feature then please let us know.

    • Simon says:

      Hey Terry,

      Go and see Promised Land if you really don’t understand how important Leeds United is to the city. There are plenty of things on BGL that I’m not that interested in, and – frankly – when one of the contributors ‘goes off on one’ I normally disagree.

      But I’m still grateful for my daily dose. Thanks BGL

      • terry w says:

        hi people

        i’m perfectly happy about “Promised Land” being flagged up on BGL.
        what i find objectionable is that twice within the last week or so there have been unnecessary and uncritical postings about activities of the local football team. if individuals want to play football in the park, then fine. but the big football premiere league/fifa machine represents capitalism at its worst – not to mention sexism. the mass media are full of this vacuous exploitative rubbish already and imho it would be a shame for BGL to use its limited space on such as lufc as well.

        however, i’m not in favour of BGL being all about politics with a big P at all – just want it to have a bit of an edge – which i think it usually does, and i’m grateful to all the contributors for the work they do.

        i don’t understand the comment: “If all we did was “alternative news” we’d have a paucity of posts, because finding such news is not easy” – there are many ways in which BGL is a source of alternative news. Sounds like it would be useful to have a discussion about how we define alternative. unfortunately i have not time at the moment to get stuck into this, but perhaps somebody else might?

        kind regards

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