Leeds today: Whitelocks, Heritage, Books, Heritage guide, Transition, Film, more Film, Gipton and stuffed foxes.

Morning! It’s the start of another week here in rainy Leeds. Saw a brilliant tweet from Kirkstall Online at the weekend: “Tomorrow’s outlook for Kirkstall: sun, rain, hail, sun, rain, hail, rain, sun, sun. Remember your brollies, your factor 30 and a kayak.” Wise words that I think we can all get behind this week.

The weather has been taking its toll; Swarthmore Education Centre is in serious need of funds to repair a leaking roof. The unique learning centre hopes to raise enough money for an entirely new roof. If you don’t know about Swarthmore you should find out – at least two of the BGL staffers have done courses there and it’s an incredible resource for the people of Leeds.

We talked about Heathcliffe Pangolin and Wesley the Weasel last week, today the YEP gets in on the act with Kristofferson the fox taking his moment in the limelight. This is all part of I Love West Leeds – don’t forget the festival day is next Sunday at Pudsey Park.

The Ilkley Gazzette has details of Kelda Water’s plans to install 28 wind turbines in Nidderdale, and the inevitable opposition to the plans.

The Race for Life took place at Temple Newsam at the weekend. It is hoped that last year’s total of £350,000 will have been beaten.

The Morley Observer says that this year’s applicaitons to the Leeds Transition Fund are now open. The fund was set up by LCC to ease the financial stress of community organisations affected by funding cuts.

The Beeb is reporting that the Police are using technology to plot when and where crime is expected to happen. This is great, but it doesn’t take a psychic to tell you that “burglaries in LS6 will go up during term time”.

One of the things I love about Leeds is Whitelocks, so imagine my dismay when I found out that Jay Rayner had reviewed it for the Observer. And he liked it, too. Dang. We’ll never be able to find a seat in there now.

BGL’s very own Mark O’Brien takes a look at the way Leeds has shaped film and television history for Made in Leeds, one of the regional TV channels hoping to be selected for Leeds later on this year. We all know by now that cinema was invented here by Louis Le Prince in 1888, but I’d not realise how much of Billy Liar was shot in Leeds & Bradford.

If it’s eclectic cinema you’re looking for then you could do much worse than taking a look at the Found Footage Festival, a touring production that has a whole bunch of VHS clips taken out of context and given a running commentary by two chaps who have been collecting these things for the last 20 years. It looks like a lot of fun, and will be on at the Hyde Park Picture House on Thursday.

The Leeds Book Club has a heavy month coming up. There will be meetings at the White Swan Leeds on the 8th, the first ever dystopian book club will be held at Giraffe on Greek Street on Tuesday 10th, then the regular Medusa Bar book club in Horsforth meet up the following day and finally they’ll also be meeting on Sunday the 15th at Arcadia in Headingley (which is “the LBC Mothership”, we’re told). I’m really keen on the idea of a “dystopian book club” – I know what it is but it sounds like a way of creating a books list for post-apocalyptic reading.

It isn’t just for people living in Gipton; the annual Gipton Gala is also coming up next Sunday and has a funfair, donkeys, stalls and a stage with entertainment. There are loads of these little festivals dotted all over the city coming up in coming weeks – if you’re organising one then please let us know!

Finally today – and I love this story – a guide to West Yorkshire has finally been published, 30 years after it was commissioned. And it’s brutal to poor old Bradford. The Shell Guide to West Yorkshire was given to William Glossop to do, but the guide folded before his book was published. This has now been revisited after a lot of work and is now on sale as the Heritage Shell Guide to West Yorkshire. Seriously, read this article, it is brilliant (and if anybody wants to send BGL a review copy of the book, please get in touch).

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading and remember to keep that kayak handy.

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