Leeds today: berries, book, buses, bouncing and bees (photos of).

Good morning gang! There’s actually a spot of sunshine in Leeds today. Let’s pretend there isn’t just in case we jinx it. Leeds Daily Photo has a lovely image of some pretty purple flowers after the recent rain; make sure you have a look.

The Hunslet Club has a Summer Show this weekend, with  a huge range of talents on display from the young people and children who attend the Hunslet Club, including hip hop, Irish dancing, singing and gymnastics.

More transport-related news over on the Guardian Northerner, with Manchester potentially creating an Oyster-card style scheme and Leeds tackling the problem of uneven and often poor bus service across West Yorkshire.

Everyone loves berries (well I do) and the Yorkshire Evening Post has an article on children who have been introduced to the fruits as part of a competition to have a Breakfast with Berries. Apparently:

a third of British children have never eaten a blueberry, while less than one in five have eaten a raspberry, and one in four children have never had a blackberry

What? What happened to grow/pick your own? I was gobbling raspberries at a rate of knots when I was a young ‘un, thanks to local grow and pick your owns! If anyone has any local and West Yorkshire pick your own recommendations, we would love to hear them!

Bettakultcha has branched out yet again with its newest incarnation, Bettakabaret. This night of entertainment will focus on the musical, dramatic and other fun presentation-type acts that we’ve seen at previous Bettakultchas. More information on their Facebook page too.

Last night I went to the launch of the book by Shang Ting, from Hebe Media, where we drank specially-concocted cocktails at Mojo’s and got some cool souvenirs! The book, which recently hit number 3 on the pre-order list on the Taiwanese version of Amazon, documents style and life in Leeds and across the UK.

The West Yorkshire Summer Games is taking place today at Leeds Met Headingley Campus, with young people from across the region taking part in a variety of events. Good luck to everyone involved!

East Street Arts has a very interesting piece on a commission for a photographer to work with Leeds City Museum and their natual history collection, photographing the work and providing workshops and lectures on the items. It’s paid too (awesome) and the deadline is the end of this month.

Right, that’s it for today. I’m very sorry it’s late but having lots of WordPress issues today on my computer. Have a lovely day and don’t forget to send us your news and views. Ciao darlings!

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  1. Andy says:

    Horsforth in Leeds does strawberry picking every year around this sort of time and also I saw a sign for asparagus picking too. I’ve not partaken myself so cannot comment on quality but you can’t beat British strawberries so I think you’re safe going.

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