Leeds today: Rawdon billings, limpics, hospitals, medieval loos, Ham, bakers, povery and Calendars.

Hello! Because of technical difficulties BGL today is a little late and coming from the keyboard of Mike (not Elly). Sorry about that! Anyway, on with the news!

Rawdon is fast becoming a battleground between developers and residents who want to see the Billings – greenbelt land – taken off LCC’s strategic housing development plan. The Leeds Citizen has more details on the campaign. We are constantly amazed at the vast swathes of beautiful greenbelt being earmarked for housing when there is boatloads of brownfield that could be used. But we know why – houses in Rawdon & Yeadon go for 3x the value of houses in Holbeck. Why would any developer, who is ultimately interested in making their pockets jingle, want to build houses where they’re needed by people who earn less than median wage?

The BBC is reporting that the Chinese Olympians who are using Leeds as a training base have arrived. Using the aquatics centre at the John Charles centre as well as other facilities owned and run by LCC and the Universities there will be about 220 staff here training for the Games. It’ll be interesting to see if the Dalai Lama or Falun Gong things get mentioned again.

Also on the Beeb are details of what could happen in a huge shakeup of NHS services in “mid-Yorkshire” (ie Dewsbury, Pinderfields and Pontefract). We could lose A&E facilities in Dewsbury, and maternity services could all move to Wakefield.

Not only was the festival day cancelled but ILWL has, with regret had to cancel the roving cinema that was supposed to happen this week as well. We’re so sorry, guys. Good news is that by October the rain might have stopped.

Leeds institution Bettakultcha is putting on an event on Thursday called BettaSocial. It’s a bit like the big K, only smaller, with booze, costumes and more of a chance to chat rather than see that many talks. Should be fun!

The International Medieval Conference is on at the University this week; the Northerner takes a look at what’s on the agenda. It includes quite a lot about sanitation, in a fun way.

Also on the Northerner is details of the hunt for an image that sums up the North. You can submit photographs to be included on the blog and to be entered in a competition to find that elusive photographic ideal that is the very essence of the North.

Coming soon to the White Cloth Gallery is England Uncensored, as previewed in Photography Monthly. From the article:

“The exhibition is not only a laugh-out-loud romp through this often badly behaved nation – it also provides an underlying social commentary with the power to both amuse and shock all at the same time.”

Nick from The Beer Prole has been out reviewing the latest addition to the Leeds foodie scene; Friends of Ham, on New Station St. This is a beers-only sort of place with a huge downstairs area and is supposed to be a very British take on a Spanish tapas place. Plan.

Our friends at South Leeds Life have put together a community correspondents website which teaches people how to be a good correspondent for their area. It’s a bit special, this. Well worth taking a look at.

Would you be interested in a community bakery? A group of bakers is thinking about setting up such a thing in Leeds, a bit like the Handmade Bakery in Slawit. Express your interest! (If I had time I’d want to go there to make the stuff, not just buy it.)

Mike Chitty has released details of the next Disrupting Poverty session; we’ve been featuring this on BGL for quite some time now and progress is being made. Worth attending if you’re able.

Finally today – and, oh, now much do we love this – there is now a Leeds Art Event Calendar that you can download and print out yourself. Apparently a new one comes out every month – now we just need ones for digital, creative, cultural and writing!

That’s it for today. Mark will be with you tomorrow for a bit of a sad swan song as he jets off to snowier climes, and then on Thursday have we got a treat for you… but until then thanks for reading, and as ever please let us know if you have news & views you’d like to share.

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  1. Paul Thomas says:

    One of the underlying causes of high house prices is the historical shortfall in house-building that has built up over the past 20 years; due mainly to increasing restrictions placed on development while the Greenbelt has been ever expanding.

    It’s right to re-use old Brownfield sites, but they’re not the answer to the housing problem. They are often more difficult and expensive to develop and means a return to more and more people being crowded into smaller and overpriced urban areas. Building houses in Rawdon & Yeadon could help bring down that 3x house value figure in the area, as well as allowing more people to enjoy living there.

    Leeds Vision boasts that two-thirds of its area is greenbelt, while nationally only 11% of UK land is built on. It’s about time more land was put to good use to provide homes for a growing population.

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