Leeds today: Tetley brewery news, Tower Works opens, food waste recycling & more

Apologies for being late, and apologies to everyone who came on to look at this earlier to find nothing of use. Some kind of WordPress gremlin has been haunting me. You can tell it’s Friday the 13th…

It’s Friday. Hurrah! The weekend’s almost here, but before you switch off your brain till Monday, why not read on and find out what’s going on in Leeds today.

We shall begin with the news.

Over at the Business Desk they’re reporting that the plans to turn the old Tetley brewery into an artspace for Project Space Leeds are moving ahead. A firm of architects have just appointed to the project.

The Yorkshire Evening Post have news that local councillors are going to government ministers with fears that greenspace around the city could attract plan applications from developers. Obviously we’d like to see our greenspace kept intact, thank you.

Speaking of green space, good news for Morley’s Hembrigg Park, as the Morely Observer report that it’s going to see some updates and improvements. Hurrah!

There’s also good news for Leeds Trinity, with reports that their graduates are exceeding national employability benchmarks and are rated top in Leeds for employability.

The Beeb are reporting that Leeds city council are bidding for a £17.6m plan to start recycling food in the city. 254,000 homes would get food recycling collections, and the council say 100,000 tonnes of landfill could be saved in five years, and 100 jobs created.

Leeds city council are clearly busy at the moment. They’ve drawn up a list of the city’s top ten eyesores, and South Leeds Sport Centre is one of them. Visit South Leeds Life for the rest.

The Leeds blogosphere is eerily quiet today. Presumably because it’s Friday 13th and they’re all having blog problems too.

But have a look at South Leeds Life‘s post about growing up in Middleton, and a great debate on Culture Vulture about urban walking v rural walking.

Finally, Holbeck’s Tower Works is officially reopening today. Go have a look at them lovely Italianate towers. Go on.

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    Don’t forget everyone is welcome to the Hunslet Club Gala this Sunday, fun, entertainment, food and inflatables!the summer starts here!


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