Leeds today: Majestic, music, free schools, posties and caption competition!

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So have you seen the renovations that have been taking place at the Majestic Theatre near the Queens Hotel? Leeds Daily Photo has this great picture of the building now the scaffolding is down. Our question is: what would you most like to see in there? A cinema, restaurants, community rooms, dance hall…?

Talking of music, Leeds Forum has a post by Leeds Music Hub offering a guitar group that will meet over six weeks in the summer holiday, starting on the 25th July. The cost is £36 for 6 forty-five minute sessions, and there’s a café in the Hub so parents can get a bit of down time while the kids are strumming away.

And in other music news, a West Yorkshire female pop group, Voxe, have won best original song as part of the Live and Unsigned competition at The O2 Arena. As Sophie from the band says:

“We all grew up loving the Spice Girls and girl power is what’s got us fighting for what we want to achieve today…we really want to carry on that message because girls need to know that we are strong and we can do whatever we put our mind to.”

…right. Remember this?
Remember this?

Daisy: “I said… girl power…”
Tim: “Did you do this?” *peace sign*
Daisy: “… Yes.

And therein lies the moral of the story. The Spice Girls could do it. NO-ONE ELSE CAN, VOXE. NO-ONE.

Today is the latest meeting of the South Leeds Life group, to discuss content for the blog and future plans for the enterprise – check out their website for some more details.

Changes in education are leading to free schools – those funded by the government but run by private organisations – being sited in unusual places. The latest is the One in a Million Free School in Bradford, a school that will open in September 2012 with only 50 pupils in each year group and run by the One in a Million charity that works with underprivileged and deprived communities across the city. The school will be built in Bradford City Football Club, with work underway at the ground to get the classrooms ready for September. For a school that will have an “engaging and varied curriculum will be vocationally themed across three subject areas of Sport, Creative Arts and Enterprise”, this is a great site, but it would be nice to see exactly what numeracy, literacy and science concerns this independently-run school will have.

Postmen – the unsung heroes of an increasingly digital age. Our postman back home used to cycle (whatever the weather) and was unfailingly cheerful, whistling his way around his, er, round. I believe it was due to the inordinate amounts of speed he was on. However, that’s not the case for Alan Crosbie, a postman in South East Leeds whose round is being re-located – and his fans are protesting about it! More over on the YEP.

In other YEP-related news, Johnston Press decided last week to cancel staff salary reviews for 2012, deferring them for 12 months, and giving employees an extra day’s leave instead. Phew – at least they get 8 hours off instead of an extra couple of grand a year. That’ll help.

Stuck for what to do this week other than stay in bed avoiding the bad weather? Have no fear, Wendy (Denman) is here with her Things to See and Do in Leeds This Week, over on LOL! Leeds Online.


The ‘coalition’ government has announced their plans for rail improvements to railways across the country, including the Leeds to London line and areas around Manchester. So what do you think good old Condom Cameron and Cleggy are discussing in this here (quite small) picture from BBC News?

Ok that’s it for today – phew! Don’t forget to share your thoughts, news, and everything else with us on Twitter or on the blog or Facebook or in the street. Have great day – ciao!

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  1. Oh dear. Live and unsigned – that’s the ones that are under a lot of criticism for the amount of money they take off acts, and failing to deliver prizes. Their involvement with Bingley Live causes enough social media pressure for them to cut their links with L&U.

    They had to drop some of their advertising earlier in the year to avoid an ASA investigation and everything!

    • Yep, I think we mentioned the L&U thing earlier in the year (or else I researched it and then didn’t follow up, always possible). It’s not good for the industry as a whole, but then I could (and do) say the same about Cowell’s meat grinder. (mw)

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