Leeds today: Savile, mums, cottage road, charities, pubs & beer, olympic opinion and smoking.

Today’s BGL is brought to you by journalism trainees from Leeds Trinity University College who’ll be doing Thursdays & Fridays for the next couple of weeks. Today’s writers are Joe Cooper, Faye Dobson and Michael Muncaster.

First up: Trinity has officially got the fairest university fees in Yorkshire. If you’re thinking about doing a degree or postgrad course read this article.

Ow’s about that then! Thousands of Sir Jimmy Savile’s belongings have gone show in Leeds ahead of the auction that we’ve been talking about for a couple of weeks. The collection includes his famous ‘Jim’ll Fix it’chair, Rolls-Royce Corniche, and the last of his finest Cuban cigars. All proceeds go to charity.

Care to help somebody out? The NHS needs volunteers in Cottingley to teach people about the impact on of smoking and encourage those to stop smoking.

A new era for Clarence Dock? Leeds Online reports property firm Allied London, which bought the lease for Clarence Dock, plans to rejuvenate the area bringing it back to life. 28 of the site’s 35 restaurant and retail units currently sit empty. The Yorkshire Post also has something to say on the development. We ask: will a change of name make as much difference as they hope?

Homeowners have been left out of pocket after a builder was fined by Leeds Magistrates for illegally dumping waste. Leeds Magistrates imposed the fine after temporary employees had not disposed of the rubble appropriately, instead filling local bin yards.

Real ale pubs are on the increase as beer becomes a fashionably tasty drink. My Life in Leeds has helpfully mapped out all the real ale pubs for your drinking pleasure. For an expert’s view check out Gav Aitchison’s Twitter account. Leeds is also hosting a beer festival at the town hall. Get all the details here.

In other news the RFL have rejected the conditional offer for the Bradford Bulls. Disappointing after all the hard work that went in, but there is another offer out there apparently.

The Olympics are finally here – hooray! What? Still not convinced? The Northerner has some last minute analysis on how us lot ‘oop north are feeling about the games. The British have a long tradition of criticising themselves, but I think even the most hard-worn sceptic will be swept along with the Olympic spirit after the opening ceremony tonight.

The YEP has a bit of a call to arms encouraging us all to make use of Leeds’ great facilities to get fit in the wake of the Olympics.

Red alert! YEP have a report on the zombie infestation currently gripping Leeds!

The BBC has some video of the unveiling of Cottage Road Cinema’s new blue plaque, which recently celebrated its 100th birthday – surely one of the best cinema’s in Leeds.

Janice Gwilliam is a volunteer who has blogged about the work she’s done with charities in Leeds and North Yorkshire – interesting stuff over at the Northerner.

Finally today, there’s a new meetup group for mums, carers and children in Headingley, meeting on Aug 20th in Meanwood Park.

Check in later for Sean Murricane’s look at Live & Unsigned. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.

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