Leeds today: silver, cigars, milk, blood, voodoo, incinerator, carnival and asylum.

Morning! It’s a lovely day out there, with weather full of mystery and suspense! Who needs boring, predictable sunshine anyway? And so: to the news!

The Yorkshire Post has a fantastic article whereby the MPs around the Allerton Park incinerator are urging campaigners against the plant to put their arguments to the Environment Agency after concerns over the (taxpayer-underwritten) contract were made by the Agency. It seems that the contract may be too rigid, without making allowances for technology improvements. Leeds incinerator people may wish to take notes.

The Jimmy Savile auction kicks off today. We’ve mentioned this a lot over the last few weeks but there’s everything from cigars to bikes going under the hammer over the next day or so. All profits go to charity.

Arla Foods at Stourton has reversed the plans to cut the price it pays to dairy farmers for milk, reports the YEP. Dairy farmers have been blockading plants all over the country over the proposed cuts (all happening at the same time, for about the same amount – we don’t want to say the word “collusion” but if it looks like a cow and smells like a cow…) which would see the price per litre paid to farmers drop below the cost of producing the milk in the first place. Which is just economic insanity. Expect to see the price of milk go up.

You didn’t think we’d get through the day without a Lympics story, did you? Otley’s Lizzie Armistead got a Silver medal yesterday at the Olympics (Wharfdale Observer). Tell you what, if anybody trains in the hills around Otley they’re going to be a tough cyclist.

Unfortunately there’s a trend during sporting events for blood donations to drop off; the Morley Observer notes that Blood donations dropped by three per cent during the two weeks of Wimbledon and with the Olympics here there are fears this could be even bigger. The Blood Transfusion Service are hoping that reminding people to donate will help but are also having blood drives in Drighlington on Aug 17th and at Elland Road on the 23rd.

One final Olympic-related story today, this time from the Washington Post (yes, the one in America): at least one member of the Sudanese Olympic team has claimed asylum by approaching a police station in Leeds, where some of the team have been training. We have no more details at the moment but we’re hoping some will come to light soon. I can just see the duty desk officer’s face, though.

This week sees two events to break down barriers and improve engagement; Leeds Engagement is this afternoon, where people will hopefully come together to discuss how best to improve engagement in Leeds. Tomorrow evening sees the kick-off of Unexpected Leeds, a festival for artists who don’t necessarily see a home for themselves in the city. Both worth attending.

Speaking of festivals, Leeds’ best date on the summer calendar has started generating news. The 45th Chapeltown Carnival is happening in a month and the party atmosphere is starting to get underway. Clear your diary for the Bank Holiday Monday, kids & kittens.

Slightly nearer, Body & Soul arts show is on at the Voodoo lounge in Headingley tonight. Some interesting artwork on show here.

Culture Vultures has an interesting look at the future plans of Clarence Dock that were published last week. Leanne Buchan comes away from the meeting with cautious optimism – find out why in the article.

Finally today, it turns out that Leeds Roller Dolls have found a new home in the Futsal Arena opening in August! Hoorah (because they’ve been playing in Hudds for the last two years, tch)! To celebrate the Dolls are having an exhibition bout on Aug 11th. Hayley Avron from the Dolls says:

The bout on 11th August will be a showcase of the majority of our league’s skaters, from our All-Star skaters, including members of Team England, to some of our freshly ‘graduated’ skaters, playing for the first time. We will be divided into three teams and there will be three half-hour bouts to enjoy. Tickets are only £4, as we’re hoping to attract a new crowd and some old fans back to Leeds Roller Dolls.


And that’s it for today. As ever if you want to comment on any of our stories or have any of your own that you’d like to share then please do so! Details on the “contact” page above. Thanks for reading!

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