Leeds today: Yorkshire, fashion, corniche, ethics, wrestling, Tower Works and Pudsey.

(Ed’s note: this is Joseph McDonagh’s first piece for BGL – say hello!)

Morning everyone, Beyond Leeds Guardian here delivering another roundup of daily news. From inspirations to injustices, from the sincere to the plain daft, here’s what’s going on near you!

As current unemployment figures continue to waver making for constant concern, some positivity regarding the job front came when Tower Works situated in Holbeck, Leeds announced their first jobs in 30 years. Public funding sees the site hugely responsible for Leeds’ fruition during the industrial revolution being operational and open for business after three decades and hopes to be a big step for word for local economy.

A decorated war hero denied government benefits after a two year world trip has has finally found the decision revised and been liberated from his Pudsey tent in which he’s been living. After his loyal service to his country, John Heaps has now received the belated respect denied to him this long.

Though he’s not a decorated soldier, Huddersfield tot Oliver Field has been given the all clear after fighting an aggressive form of cancer. Having been on the earth merely two years, young Oliver and family have endured a lifetime’s worth of battle and won.

Everyone sings in to themselves in the car, don’t they? Well Temple Newman House are giving any goers the chance to sing along to one of the greatest musical joys of cinema from the retro confines of a 1950s drive-in-theatre. Shape up and get to a uniquely fitting performance of ‘Grease’ on August 4th; four wheels required, bearable singing voice optional.

Catching up with friends over tea or coffee is commonplace among most, where weekly exploits are shared and laughs had. Shaking up this social staple is the Cafe Scientifique in Headingley who are expecting to talk ethics with their punters, ethics of human enhancement within the modern world. Sci-fi fans especially won’t want to miss this one!

It’s a rocky road to the top, even for those with a rock like physique. A wrestler from Leeds recently signed to the world dominating WWE was arrested during the early hours of sunday morning after a bit of rough stuff. Whether the upset will affect the future superstars’ journey to heavy weight stardom is yet to be known, for now lets put it down to some experimental method acting.

Recently reported early this week was the auctioning of the late Sir Jimmy Savile’s prized possessions. With the auction finished, it was old Jimmy’s Rolls-Royce Corniche that stole the show and someone’s wallet going for £130,000 from the targeted £60,000 estimate. Bargain!

A Lecturer at Leeds University has thrown his hat into the ring of the ongoing challenges to video game standards. Criticising new efforts operating as “a smokescreen”, Dr. Nick Robinson feels new legislations will only hide the real essence of the problem with children’s relationships with adult gaming.

Leeds fashion project – The Passion 4 Fashion, will allow designers from all over the city to flaunt their designs, culminating in a fashion show held at Leeds Town Hall on September 21. The project operating from Kirkgate Market opens young aspiring designers’ eyes to the possibilities of their creative on small budgets.

Two young girls from Bridlington were at the centre of a 999 hoax call yesterday. One pretended to be a three year old trapped in a house with an unresponsive mother, somewhere in Leeds. The girls sparked a social media hunt that spread far and wide, and West Yorkshire Police appealed for help from many sources including traditional media.

Finally today, it’s Yorkshire Day! If there’s ever a day to celebrate living here, in the finest county in England, then today is it. Post-ironic cloth caps not necessary (although it is raining so, you know, feel free). Please tell us what you’re up to today by emailing or tweeting us.

As always, thanks for reading.

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