Leeds today: Pride, photohunt, police, packing, Press, and roadworks.

Morning! It’s Monday again, which means Mike is in the chair. Because it’s August there’s a shortage of stories that aren’t about the Olympics, but we’ll see what we can do.

If you’re planning on using your car to get around Leeds next weekend we’d really advise that you think about alternatives. The next section of roadworks to affect the Inner Ring Road is going ahead with removing concrete beams from Lovell Park Bridge, which will affect traffic in both directions on the IRR. This work is essential and part of LCC’s improvements plan for the IRR, and will begin at 8pm on Friday and finish 5am on Monday.

We’re sorry to hear that the Yorkshire Press building on Wellington St is going up for sale as staff move over the road. Personally I’d like to see Ian Beesley take a wander around the site as it winds down over the coming months. (And if any remaining staffers at the YP or YEP want to give me a tour around the site I wouldn’t say no – please get in touch!)

Yorkshire Water has started work on a new 8million litre reservoir at Moortown, reports the BBC. It’s only a small supply reservoir but is part of the £23m project by YW to replace some of the very old supply reservoirs in the region. It will be delivering water to city taps by December.

West Yorkshire Archive Service is moving from Sheepscar to Morley, reports the YEP. The Sheepscar building is, to be fair, in a bit of a state and the new facility at the Joint Services HQ will have better public access facilities. There’s a lot of documents to move, too – over 14,500 boxes worth.

Speaking of Morley, funding has been found to keep the police station in the town open on Saturdays. At the end of May West Yorkshire Police announced that although the station would be manned the front desk would be closed at the weekends; it is hoped that £3k from Outer South Area Committee will keep the station open for eight hours on Saturdays.

Yesterday’s rain affected residents in Frizinghall and Manningham yesterday as flash flooding caused disruption in flats and houses, although not on the scale of last month’s appalling weather. The fire service received 65 calls between 4pm and 9pm yesterday, during the worst spell of rain.

The weather didn’t seem to affect Leeds Pride, however. Rainbows were the order of the day during Leeds Pride, where an expected 30,000 people braved the weather to celebrate the city’s BGLT community. From the YEP:

As the party continued, the heavens opened and a torrential deluge soaked the crowd as thunder rumbled ominously overhead. Undeterred and with brollies held high, the party-goers refused to be rained off and danced along to It’s Raining Men and Singing in the Rain, which had been swiftly put on by the quick-thinking DJ.

According to South Leeds Life Belle Isle Community Cafe is having a bbq lunch on Wednesday for families and friends after this week’s Wednesday in the Woods.

Finally today, it’s the first Monday of the month so Leeds photohunt is going ahead tonight. Not only will people be running around the city taking photos of things, afterwards people are being invited to the pub quiz at Dock St Market for a bit of a social gathering.

And that’s it for today! Thanks for reading and we’ll catch you tomorrow.

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