Leeds today: Lympics, volunteers, wages, and funnels.

Good morning starshines! It’s Elly here for another Tuesday of news and views from the good folk of Leeds and surrounding area.

Let’s just get it over with now. Olympic fever, like that strange rash you got in Magaluf, is all over us here at BGL Towers – the emotion! The shorts! The flags! The Beeb finally caught up with Twitter today as it reports if Yorkshire were a separate country, we would currently be above North Korea on the Olympic medal table. Hooray – more gold postboxes for us.

But there’s always the rough with the smooth; a North Yorkshire man has pleaded not guilty of chucking a bottle onto the track before the start of the 100m men’s final. The best bit? “After the incident a Dutch judo champion hit a man she had seen throwing a bottle on to the track.” Yeah she did.

Oh, and the end of the Olympic Food Challenge is coming up, where dishes from each of the competing countries have been cooked, photographed, blogged about and eaten. The recipe list looks incredible – will definitely be checking this out after the events!

In non-Olympic news, Chapel Allerton Arts Festival is looking for volunteers to help with arts, crafts and family activities at their event in September. The festival is always great fun and this year there’s a woodland theme so expect papier mache squirrels and felted nuts. More information is available over on the East Street Arts website.

We’ve always known it’s cheap to live up North (well, cheaper than That London), but what about the wages that we’re getting paid? The Guardian Northerner has an interesting article based on research from a Manchester think tank regarding the city and the hourly wage you need to earn to have a good quality of life (£7.22) compared to the actual wage (£6.27). It makes an intriguing read.

BGL donned its sandwich board and proclaimed that ‘the end of the world is nigh’ this weekend as thunderstorms and rain stormed the county, as well as a funnel cloud appearing over West Yorkshire – looks like a tornado but doesn’t touch the ground. Luckily, this BGL staffer was down in Surrey where she got sunburnt because of the glorious weather.

Ok so that’s about it for today – short but sweet. Keep it real and whatnot, and don’t forget to send us your news for the next edition of BGL!

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  1. Please always call me starshiner *melts*
    The Olympic Food Challenge has been incredible, just incredible!

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