Leeds today: bloggers, phantom, shoplifting, Algernon, tennis, more sports and cleaning up.

Today’s BGL is brought to you by journalism trainees from Leeds Trinity University College who’ll be doing Thursdays & Fridays here on BGL. Today’s writers are Faye Dobson, Paisley Gilmour and Michael Muncaster.

Leeds City Council has revealed ‘spot the difference’ photographs of areas in Leeds. The photos are taken after a clean-up and then a few weeks later. The council’s aim is to show everyone just how much litter builds up in ‘trouble’ areas.

Great Britain star Nicola Adams could punch for way into the Olympic record books later today as she competes in the women’s boxing flyweight final. Can the Leeds boxer become Britain’s first ever female boxing gold medallist?

The success of the Brownlee brothers hasn’t worn off either. Yorkshire Daily Photo has a great pic of them training together and the YEP says they’ve been eating all the pies. Also a Leeds Met student has made the 1500m Olypmic final. LMU have tweeted a picture of the Leeds star, Laura Weightman.

Not everyone is a fan of sport – Leeds Bradford Airport confiscated two tennis rackets from children yesterday. From the Mirror article:

Richard Chew, 46, was told by security at Leeds Bradford Airport the two Dunlop rackets could be a potential lethal weapon.

So can pens, newspapers and cuddly toys in the wrong hands.

Up and running is the message from Leeds City Council as temporary running tracks have been created in 19 community parks across the city. Inspired by their Olympic heroes, the public can recreate their efforts in their local park in Leeds.

An historic building listed for its architectural interest is at risk following an announcement to convert it into student flats. The Algernon Firth Building, formerly Leeds University’s Institute of Pathology, was opened in 1933 and is thought to be one of the first buildings of its type to use reinforced concrete; LCC’s plans panel has received an objection to the change.

A former burglar has found himself back on the wrong side of the law having admitted shop lifting. Peter Findlay, who helped police with a crime prevention campaign, has been ordered to do 100 hours community work.

The Phantom of the Opera, the biggest and most expensive show to grace Leeds, will be starting it’s stint at the Grand Theatre on August 9 this year. John Owen Jones will be playing the Phantom.

Fancy yourself as a budding artist? Leeds Savage Club are hosting a monthly event at The Packhorse pub, starting on Tuesday. A £1 donation is required – everything else is provided.

Blog North, a new award for northern-based bloggers, is open for nominations and Sarah Hartley at the Northerner has written about the ethos and why we should have these. Now, we’re not saying that you should enter your favourite Leeds-based news aggregator, but if you’d like to we certainly won’t argue against it.

Finally, have a quick reminder of the memorial service at 10:40 in Park Square. You can make it if you run (and read this at time of posting).

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