Leeds today: grocers, volunteers, medals, legacy, parkour, mischief, Thorpe and Bound.

Hello! Mike here on Monday 13th August, as the country lifts its collective head and blinks after two weeks of staring at sports we are all now experts in. Let’s see what’s what in Leeds!

After work today you may want to head down to Millennium Square. The Leeds medallists will all be there, waving at the crowd and being generally lovely (and perhaps still hungover). Bless ’em – here’s hoping that they all remain happy-go-lucky scamps and enjoy their success.

Yes, what comes next, we ask? The Northerner has some interesting ideas as to what the Legacy should be or mean in the North, especially Leeds. Yes, Yorkshire came 12th in the medal table, but we need to capitalise on this. That’s us, not them. Ask yourself; what can I do to improve myself, my street, my world, after these games? Don’t leave it to others to decide for you.

For something different in sports, Harewood House was playing host to an extreme sports event over the weekend. A demonstration of parkour – freerunning – took place as part of the iMove cultural olympiad.

LCC are being urged to develop an energy bulk buying scheme that could cut the fuel bills of thousands of households across the city. Bulk buying energy in order to help more vulnerable households is a great idea; fingers crossed that it works.

South Leeds Life have had reports of an activity week in Beeston Hill that has gone very well indeed. Have you taken part in summer activities? Do you have any coming up soon? Let us know!

Plans for a new travellers site near Horsforth have caused much fear in the natives. Local councillor Andrew Carter (Con) started a a silly season non-story saying that a picnic site in Calverley Lane was under consideration (and even threw in the obligatory “Labour run council” line, just to add to the FUD). The deputy leader of the council, Peter Gruen (Lab) retorted:

“This is just a piece of August mischief-making. There are no plans for a travellers site in this location. No doubt we will get a new exclusive for a ‘new’ site every week from the Tories during August. While they chase easy headlines, we will get on with the business of bringing forward relevant proposals.”

As the kids say: “pwnd”.

A new greengrocers in Chapel A is doing well, it seems. It’s not a shop, just a market stall that sets up on Fridays & Saturdays but after more than ten years without a local veg shop the residents are really appreciating having it there.

Sticking with Chapel Allerton for a moment, volunteers are still needed for the Festival on Sept 1st. It’s a fun day out and everybody from what is quite a tight-knit community gets together to have a bit of a laugh, listen to some tunes, and find out some of the fun stuff going on in the suburb.

The YEP has an interesting story on the Thorpe Park development that pretty much stalled last year. The Leeds Citizen has the same story with more detail: this is a story worth reading.

Finally, Leeds Library will be playing host to Bound by the Artist Book Collective:

“From the exploration of experimental binding techniques to more conceptual interpretations, such as the book as a ritual object, this new exhibition will investigate the notion of ‘bound’ in its myriad forms.”

The exhibit will be on from tomorrow (14th) to the 24th August.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading.

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