Leeds today: missing mansions, outdoor pursuits, names, Tchaikovsky, falcons and swords.

Joe here, bringing you more of the week’s unfolding news that include Tchaikovsky, vanishing mansions, and Merlin the wizard. I kid you not, just read on to find out.

New statistics have revealed the top two Yorkshire baby names of 2011. High on the list of names were Jacob, Riley, Muhammed, and Thomas for the boys, while Ruby, Sophie, Grace and Jessica proved to be the popular choices for girls. Which names own the crown for king and queen of Yorkshire? I hear you ask, well dig in and find out.

Outdoor Pursuits Yorkshire are bringing their high octane sport to Leeds City Centre to possibly capture those recently inspired by Olympic events. Getting pules racing at Millennium Square this weekend are a wide range of pursuits such as boulder climbing, obstacle courses, survival training, and slack-lining.

Throughout August the Leeds Royal Armouries are giving the public the chance to get up close and personal to birds of prey, the falcon. The displays are now underway on every remaining wednesday and sunday throughout August, watch these magnificent creatures and trainers showcase their skills in all their natural glory.

Concerns over 170 houses to be built in Ilkley are still rising as the final verdict hangs in the balance. Local campaigners have raised more than £50,000 in bid to stop the council proceeding with the plan.

Want an uplifting life affirming experience? Of course you do, who doesn’t? Well get along to Leeds Town Hall to witness music from the likes of Wagner and Tchaikovsky, all performed by under 13s of the National Children’s Orchestra. The concert goes ahead this saturday and we doubt they’ll be a dry eye left in the room.

With the Medieval Harewood well under way, why not participate in celebrations by enjoying their staging of The Sword In The Stone? A timeless tale for all ages; the journey of young Wart along with mentor Merlin sees the boy learn important life lessons with plenty of laughs along the way. Perfect for a family day out!

One for Jonathan Creek here, as an ex-lecturer of Leeds University calls upon anyone and everyone to help him trace the history of a missing Huddersfield mansion. The grand building is thought to have been demolished, but it’s the how and why of such a beautiful buildings’ demise that needs answering.

And that’s all for today, much more tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

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One Response to Leeds today: missing mansions, outdoor pursuits, names, Tchaikovsky, falcons and swords.

  1. Simon says:

    We have a housing crisis in this country. Nobody likes new build housing estates, but it’s the residents of places like Ilkley who are inevitably so much better at publicising their objections and getting these houses built near those without financial and political muscle. Why are we not hearing about the larger number houses planned for green space between Leeds and Bradford? Probably because the people of the Holme Wood estate in Bradford aren’t as adept at getting their messages out.

    These houses have to be built somewhere, even if it means that house prices go down in Ilkley. In fact, that would be a good thing!

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