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Hello and welcome to Thursday’s BGL. We have a nice long weekend coming up, and there’s plenty going on in our fair city, so read on…

With public spending cuts still affecting the hard work of voluntary groups in Leeds, the council are organisations to bid for grants of up to £10,000 to help them cope. There’s more http://www. yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/leeds-cash-safety-net-for-voluntary-groups-as-cuts-begin-to-bite-1-4854542on the YEP website.

On the flipside Leeds Citizen has announced that Leeds City Council is disappointed by the fall in the number and quality of applications for voluntary sector funding in the region. http://theleedscitizen. wordpress.com/2012/08/22/council-disappointed-at-number-and-quality-of-applications-for-leeds-voluntary-sector-funding/

As government welfare reform starts to take effect, Leeds University and Leeds Federated Housing Association are teaming up to record the ‘lived experiences’ and give a voice to the people who will be affected by it. Read the full story at South Leeds Life http://southleedslife.com/2012/08/20/research-aims-to-give-a-voice-to-those-affected-by-welfare-reform/

Culture Vulture have a guest post all about real ale drinking in Leeds http://theculturevulture.co.uk/blog/uncategorized/life-and-times-of-a-real-ale-drinker/. There’s also a review of the recently opened bar/beer/deli place, Friends of Ham (as mentioned previously on BGL) http://theculturevulture.co.uk/blog/reviews/food-and-drink-reviews/friends-of-ham-new-station-street/. And, as Mike mentioned on Monday, the Leeds International Beer Festival is coming to Leeds – it’s a good time to be a beer buff in Leeds!

The Northerner reports on an elusive Leeds writer who may be about to make it big http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/the-northerner/2012/aug/23/leeds-ukcrime

And the YEP have the story of a writer who’s just starting out writing children’s books with a positive message http://www. yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/latest-news/top-stories/leeds-grandad-starts-a-new-chapter-as-children-s-author-1-4856549

There’s plenty of lovely stuff going on this bank holiday – The Hummingbird Kitchen and Bar in Chapel Allerton have a whole day of fun planned for Sunday, from punch and judy shows to a ragtime blues band. http://hummingbirdkitchen.co.uk/events/

For the arty types, there’s only a few more days left to visit the exhibition that is being held in the basement of a terraced house in Beeston. South Leeds Life has the details. http://southleedslife.com/2012/08/23/exhibitions-at-basement-arts-project-in-beeston/

Leeds’ To Ell and Back report that QPR are raging after Leeds goalie Paddy Kennedy allegedly sent the team’s boss irate text messages. http://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/leedsunited/fb_news.php?storyid=17939&title=qpr_ in_a_paddy_over_aggressive_txts

A picture of the final ball for the Carnegie Challenge Cup, which has been designed by a Leeds Met student, has been tweeted by the university. https://twitter.com/leedsmet/status/238278842161197056/photo/1

And finally, Leeds City Council (http://newsfeed.leedsvirtualnewsroom.co.uk/) has announced that the Paralympic flame will be in Leeds this Saturday with a celebration event at the John Charles Centre for Sport.

That’s all for Thursday’s BGL. Thanks for reading and good luck to all those getting GCSE results today!

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