Leeds today: mining, Ruby, allotment site, flowers, comics, nurses, firefighters and Lumiere.

Morning, Leeds! The summer of sport is pretty much over now but Yorkshire has a new cluster of golden postboxes for us all to admire. We approve of this sort of thing. Now, on with the news!

New plans for the Lumiere site on Whitehall Road have been submitted to the planning department. Insider Media points out that it’s been 2009 since any work was done on the site, which was a surprise to us at BGL towers. Instead of the massive towers originally planned a more modest development with only 11 floors is now on the table.

West Yorkshire Fire Service have suggested that Cookridge fire station could be closed as part of a cost-saving measure. Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland has spoken out in no uncertain terms that this is a bad idea given that the fire station provides support to Leeds-Bradford airport. Cookridge also covers Otley, raising feats that Otley could be left with no fire support at all.

In other Greg Mulholland news, the MP had a few staffing problems over the last financial year and as a result was the most expensive MP in the country, according to the YEP. In order to maintain the office and carry out parliamentary duties the Mr Mulholland had to apply for contingency funding.

The Huddersfield examiner has a report on what nurses at the LGI plan to do if the heart unit closes. While the closure is under review – presumably by new Health secretary Jeremy Hunt rather than Andrew Lansley – the units will remain open, but 49 of the 50 nurses asked said they wouldn’t move to follow the job elsewhere.

Sunday afternoon saw a mini-superhero walk around Leeds City Centre where adults and youngsters dressed as comic book characters in aid of Candlelighters, a charity that supports familes who have a child with cancer.

Yesterday also saw the Friends of Middleton Park Craft, Flower and Produce show. South Leeds Life has a slideshow of some of the exhibits and events that went on in Middleton.

Concerns amongst householders in Rothwell are rising as the owner of an allotment who is evicting plotholders refuses to talk about plans for the site. The allotment – which is in private ownership, not an LCC one – has to be vacated by Feb 2nd next year and residents fear that it will be turned into a travellers site or just become overgrown scrub land, a target for fly tippers. The owner is refusing to negotiate or even engage after many approaches by locals and the Council.

North Leeds News writes about Saturday’s Leeds Triathlon in Roundhay Park where it seems an exciting race was held. Triathlon interest in Leeds has risen enormously since the Brownlee success at the Olympics.

The City Varieties has cancelled a show only a few weeks before it was supposed to go on at the theatre, an action that has caused the theatre company involved to launch legal action. The Varieties says:

“We believe that with less than 13 weeks before opening night Ruby was not going to be ready for our audiences. This occasionally happens in the world of commercial theatre”.

and the company argues:

“Mr Sime took matters into his own hands, with very limited knowledge of our production and no offer to reschedule dates […] The disruption has been unnecessary, regrettable and costly but we’re hoping to make a positive announcement about dates at a new venue soon.”

Finally today, the BBC reports that a memorial to the 87 men & boys who lost their lives working at Allerton Bywater colliery has been unveiled to the public. The pit closed in 1992, after 117 years of mining; the memorial sculpture was created by a local artist who also worked in the pit.

That’s it for today; thanks for reading, and Elly will be with you tomorrow.

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  1. Covell Sarah (NHS CONNECTING FOR HEALTH) says:

    Hi Beyond Guardian Leeds – with reference to the Cuts in Fire service provision we have set up an information site to provide alternative information about the proposed closures —— over the next three months we will be advertising public meetings, adding information about why the cuts in provision are wrong – campaigning to keep open fire stations that were approved for closure as a result of last years integrated risk management plan and working closely with the Fire Brigades Union in regard to disseminating information of interest to the public.

    Our email is firecutscostlives@gmail.com and our blog is here http://firecutscostlives.blogspot.co.uk/ As we have already had west Yorkshire fire and rescue ringing up to complain we think its going rather well

    Actually you might find this a bit of a giggle too………… and strangely it wasn’t this the fire service complained about……. http://ls9forever.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/an-ode-to-simon-pilling-chief-fire.html

    Kind Regards

    Sarah Covell

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