Leeds today: resolutions, walking, dogs, recycling, dancers, soundwalk, recitals, grapes, apologies.

Today’s BGL is brought to you by our new Monday writer, Naziya O’Reilly, who’ll be doing Mondays for the foreseeable future. Wish her well! 

‘I’m giving up alcohol for a month and walking to work,’ a friend informed me last week.  It turns out that September resolutions are quite a thing amongst folks who wish to keep that summer glow going. If you are a certain Leeds school, it might be to check and double check that last memo you sent to the printers or perhaps you wish to raise money for charity by walking 10km by moonlight. I’ve decided I will practice tai-chi …every day… at sunrise! Okay perhaps not sunrise but definitely first thing. I recently found Maria Sandle teaching an excellent mid- morning class suitable for beginners at Meanwood Methodist Church and when the weather’s right, in Meanwood Park as well.  If you can focus on raising the Chi whilst ignoring noisy footballers, cyclists and sniffing dogs then you know you have a good teacher!

Now dogs that run freely in the park are all well and good, mine certainly does, but take heed of the news that the council is seriously cracking down on irresponsible owners who flout the new dog control orders by allowing their dogs to roam off-lead on carriageways, adjacent footpaths and grass verges. The three Leeds residents recently charged were, Cllr Robson says, adding to the burden the ‘council has to deal with [regarding the]  aftermath of dogs who are left to stray unsupervised and meet an unfortunate end on our roads’. If you are also fed up with the mess that dog owners leave behind on our pavements then have a look at South Leeds Life Scoop it up campaign. It allows you to register nasty hot spots and to file a report against repeat offenders.

Our green bin went missing a few weeks ago; apparently it fell into the back of a lorry so my own personal war on waste (WOW) is currently a bit problematic. Not so Leeds City Council who of late has declared that ‘48% of Leeds’ household rubbish was recycled in July 2012 – the city’s highest ever recycling rate’. They are now signing the national waste commitment charter which states they will continue to provide a high personalised standard of service, collecting as many recyclable materials as they can. I would just like them not to lose my bin again.

Leeds City university researchers have developed a professional app for workers in the “strip based entertainment industry.” The press release states that the app is designed to give women ‘detailed help and information’ with a ‘tool that empowers users.’ One assumes that this is in support of the Dancers and Performers Welfare policy, a brief given to the council on behalf of Leeds University following their nationwide research whilst arguing that strip clubs support women in a time of recession.  Let’s see what campaigners make of this.

The council have also called an inquiry into £1.5m worth of funding for Leeds community volunteers. The money, intended for volunteer led groups, has been allocated from the government funded Community first scheme. As well as helping organisers reach those funds councillors wish to make sure the money will be spent wisely. Each Leeds ward has a different allocation so if you are involved in a community group, this is worth investigating.
A few tasty cultural events may catch your fancy. Not too far away in Bradford, an immersive soundwalk seeks to inform people about life in Manningham in 1902 when the Jewish rather than the prevalent South Asian communities were dominant. It runs for one night only, on Thursday 27th September.

Connoisseurs of the organ should take note that there will be two special recitals to look out for.  If this reaches you in time go to Leeds Town Hall at lunchtime for a recital  in memory of organ builder and tenor singer Brian Wilson and on Tuesday to Mill Hill Chapel in aid of Leeds Hospital Radio.

Go and see gag man Stewart Francis starting a three night run at the City Varieties tonight or book a ticket for Steptoe and Son which commences at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.
The Lord Mayor of Leeds is opening up Civic Hall this Saturday afternoon to give the public a chance to have a gander around this iconic building and find out about the role of mayor. Entry is free but please bring along a small donation.

You can even if you like catch me and my fellow Dancers Bizzare  kooking it up at the 2nd Monkey Paw Kabarett at the Fox and Newt this Saturday night. Think one big burlesque, steampunky travelling freak show of an evening and if that’s your fancy dressed up bag, give it a whirl.

Finally, in 1989, my eight year old self was sent away from the living room one Saturday afternoon, whilst my dad continued to stare in horror at the TV. As Merseysiders we were massive Liverpool fans and so caught the mood of devastation that engulfed our part of the world. Thus the weekend’s apologies from the chief constable of West Yorkshire Police formerly of the South Yorkshire Police force are a little hard to swallow. Much better that all who propagated those lies could instead read and take to heart Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy’s verse for the Liverpool Echo which ‘in no language for the slandered dead’ heralds the dawn of truth instead.

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