Leeds today: meteors, burlesque, market, screens, band, Gipon, Goodhew, homes, water and cinema.

Happy Monday readers! Here’s hoping your weekend was as dazzling as it was for those who managed to catch a glimpse of Friday night’s meteor shower visible from just about anywhere in the UK and for the purposes of my mentioning it…in Leeds! The scorching event however, was past my bedtime unlike Saturday night’s sizzling Dark Dark Kabarett held at the Fox and Newt on Burley Road. Our hosts’ intention, to provide party goers with a fun night out, was splendidly fulfilled as dancers, magicians, burlesque artistes and musicians took to the stage in a prohibition-era style evening of riotous entertainment. I predict a meteoric rise for this newly fledged company and if you can’t wait for the company’s next outing at the Corn Exchange for Halloween, then wiggle along to Bang Tidy’s Best of British Burlesque Bash this coming Saturday.

Each trip to town always ends for me with a visit to Kirkgate market in Leeds City centre. Fashion, meat, what more is there? Yet not everyone sees the venerable institution as a must-visit destination and it’s this indifference that a quartet of photographers hopes to challenge. The Invisible Curators are holding an exhibition at the Corn Exchange to ‘capture both the diversity and vibrant history of the market, and to celebrate [its] traders.’

Sticking with the city centre, Leeds Civic trust is putting its foot down over the planning application for a couple of large digital display screens. Should they be approved by the council this Thursday, Leeds may well have its own version of Piccadilly Circus at West Riding House and Albion St. While the trust heaps ‘withering scorn’ on the possible ruination of historic visages as a result of 5mX6m screens, they may need to keep a wary eye out for the lighting up of West Riding House in LED lights. Twenty stories of blazing, funky lighting patterns could see this rather mundane and ugly edifice transformed into the Empire State building.

Insider media reports that a potential investment deal in Leeds United is close to fulfilment and that the club are ‘eying an active January transfer window’. That said I will now find out what those words mean.

There’s plenty of news on the subject of children in need. I’m not just talking about Olly Murs supporting a community big band for the charity event at the town hall next month but also about the Dame Fanny Waterman community centre which opened in Gipton this weekend. Dame Fanny was renowned for her work with young people as is Duncan Goodhew who makes an appearance at the Aquatics Centre at the John Charles Centre for Sport tonight. Duncan is coaching a group of young swimmers representing the City of Leeds swimming club and generally making sure the Olympic legacy is taking shape.
Unfortunately, our city’s neediest children come under the status of being looked-after. With regards to this, Leeds City council are holding an inquiry into the opening of a number of private children’s homes without planning permission. The review board will consider the frequency of the number of new homes opening in residential areas, their impact on local communities and resources and whether being removed from council interests will have a negative outlook on the quality of children’s care.

You don’t need me to tell you it’s been a wet summer but some of you will be delighted to know that work has been completed on five new water tanks on Easterly road built to reduce flooding from storm water on the main highway and nearby houses. In further construction news, a new family housing development has been brought to conclusion in Scott Hall. Intended to benefit people on the housing register, key words associated with the site are affordable and energy efficient.

Finally, should the week’s grisly forecast prevent you from getting out and about then take inspiration from the Leeds-List’s thoughtful affirmation of our fabulous independent cinemas, Headingly’s Cottage road cinema and Hyde park picture house.

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