Leeds Today: cinema, twitter, Light Night and Olly flipping Murs!

Morning all! As per a usual Tuesday there’s not much news, but let’s see what we can dredge up.

First up is the ongoing saga of the Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery. In the latest round of batting back and forth between local government and national, the YEP reports that a comprimise solution has been turned down. This is a huge issue, and it looks like it has a while to go before any solution is reached.

The ever-awesome Minicine, who won a flipping NATIONAL award at the weekend for being so great, are having a social on Thursday at The Maven. If you’ve never heard of Minicine, then you should check them out.

Leeds City Council are taking part in International Social Media Awareness Week (#sma2012) this week, and the Scrutiny Unit are taking it in turns to tweet about their boards. They’re asking for your opinions about issues coming up in boards, so it’s a great way to get involved with a bit of the council.

About My Area have a great preview of Light Night Leeds, which is taking place next Friday. There’s not been much hype about Light Night this year, but it’s a really great event across the city, so if you’re free, it’s definitely worth checking out.

The BBC are reporting that Olly Murs is coming to Leeds! (Told you it was a slow news day) He’ll be performing at the Town Hall as part of Children in Need. I quite like Olly Murs. There, I said it. I’ll be hoping he does more acrobatics like he did at Guilfest.

And finally, I’m not linking to anything about it because, well, look out of the window, but there’s reports of flooding and potential flooding around Leeds coming in. Take care when you’re out, maybe check on vulnerable neighbours and friends, and if you’re in an area prone to flooding, maybe move your good stuff upstairs.

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