The BGL Light Night post, to help you decide what to see!

We at BGL Towers love Light Night. You can take a look at the PDF version of the guide or pick up a copy from the town hall or many other places around Millennium Square and Quarry Hill. This is our roundup of what we think is pretty nifty, to help you pick out some of the things from the many – seeing everything is nearly impossible.

First up, from one of the artists:

Zombie Aerobics: Get Yourself Reanimated!
They were a simple Leeds-based rock aerobics class to begin with. A gang of keep-fitters all innocently leaping and lunging to wailing air guitar. But then, one night, something stirred in the grounds of the church hall where they practised… something rose from the graveyard to claim back the living, pulsing flesh that grapevined before it…. There was a zombie attack!

Now the zombie aerobics class has been unleashed on the streets of Leeds and are set to terrorise and delight Light Night with their shambolic, monstrous workouts. Being a peppy sort of zombie, these cardio-crazy corpses want everyone to join in with their easy-to-follow routines for maximum fitness fun. It’s simple to do – just step right up and join in!

The zombies have been working hard all month to get their routines spot on for Friday, with only a few body parts dropping off on the way. Zombie Becky explains “I’m looking forward to feasting on unsuspecting people!” Ha, we’re sure she means she’s looking forward to meeting you, don’t worry. Other, less articulate zombies were also keen to express their enthusiasm for Light Night. We asked Zombie Alex what he was looking forward to the most and he simply said “BRAINS!” I can’t imagine what he‘s talking about.

See you at the Town Hall on Friday night…. if you dare….

This year’s curator, artist Steve Manthorp has been interviewed by Irna Qureshi for Fabric with 20 questions. Apparently his final meal on death row would be fish & chips, which is good because Fish& will be doing some of the catering on Friday, alongside Manjit’s Kitchen (and many others but we’ve not tried their food yet).

The reading group Plundering Troops is doing a lab around The Dialectic of Fear by Franco Moretti at the HMI.

At the Library, meanwhile, will be horror readings and gruesome inventions, ghost stories and the fascinating-sounding Weirdrobe in the quiet studies room.

A bit further up is Freaked in Queen’s Square – a look behind the scenes in a circus, as performed by LMU students. The Queen’s Square performances are always brilliant and worthy of your time.

Back at the Town Hall will be BGL friends the Hunslet Club’s dance troupe performing The Dead of Night. Witness the more frightening things children dream about happening in the dead of night! Also the fascinating-sounding The Prisoner’s Cinema where some cells have been blacked out to give the authentic, terrifying feeling of being a Victorian prisoner.

Be aware, though! The town hall events are always busy. Always. Be prepared to queue and wait if you’re heading for a clock tower tour or into the cells.

Heading more into town, The Devil’s Jukebox will be on at the Howard Assembly Rooms, and we’ll finish off at the WYP with The Midnight Playground, which will turn into the aftershow party (we suspect)!

If you’ve got events that you want others to see then please put them in the comments; there will be loads of things going on in between these that no doubt we’ll see as well. Have fun, and stay spooky.

(BTW, if you see anybody wandering the streets on Friday with a BGL badge on, why not say hello? We don’t bite, unless you ask nicely.)

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    thanks so much for all your kind words! hope you enjoy the event!

    Best Wishes

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