Leeds today: lights, film, lit, rugby, GCSEs, housing, pub, and Morley.

Morning, folks! Bright, clear and cold is the forecast for today and probably tomorrow, although you might not need a scarf unless you’re up and about before dawn.

Ok, on with the news!

A Farsley man was Tasered in the early hours of Friday morning but died shortly afterwards. A post-mortem shows that his death is indicated to be caused by stab wounds rather than the stun gun, reports the YEP.

The GCSE furore rumbles on as a summit is being held in Leeds this week on exams and their future. The report in the Guardian says that headteachers and examining bodies, as well as other education professionals, are meeting to discuss issues arising from the debacle as well as trying to work out how to instigate change for the better, instead of the knee-jerking of Michael Gove. Leeds has been at the forefront of educational reform for a while, but the Department for Education does not like what Leeds is doing, as reported in BGL some months ago (using the line “Academies are not magic ponies”).

Rare sports news, now: Leeds Rhinos have won their fifth Super League Grand Final trophy winning 26-18 over Warrington at Old Trafford. It seems to have been a brutal game, though – one Warrington player had to have a testicle removed after rupturing it during the match and then carried on playing. This is no time to be making “lost possession of the ball” jokes.

A good week at Morley Lit Fest this week; there’s a creative writing session with Fiona Shaw this afternoon, Polly Toynbee on Friday, and Jack Sheffield in between. Worth checking out. And Val McDermid on Sunday – if you can get tickets for this then you’re onto a winner.

Speaking of Morley, the YEP has a feature on the independent town and its politics. People who live there are proud of being apart from Leeds (much like those in Otley) and are not afraid of showing it in the ballot boxes.

The Vine in Leeds city centre has been empty since March (not that anybody really noticed, it seems). Now a planning application has gone in to turn it into a bookies. I think we probably have enough bookies in Leeds, especially down that end of town, but apparently not.

Who knew? Contracting out public services to the private sector doesn’t really work! LCC contracted out looking after 37,000 homes in South and West Leeds to Morrison in an attempt to reduce the social housing bill by £4m. it turns out that 18 months in to a 5 year contract, nobody is happy with what Morrison have done. And it’s worse than that – apparently back in April the company was given three months to sort their act out, they havn’t, so they’ve got until December. Not only that, but employees are concerned that this will be used as a stick after a vote on strike action due to pay disputes. There is no way this can end well.

Some reviews of Light night are starting to trickle in; we particularly like this one by Ian Street; if you have one why not let us know and we’ll get a list of them up on the blog.

Finally today, Leeds International Film Festival (the 26th!) has launched its programme of events for this year. The launch was on Friday, and you can now pick up copies of the 92-page guide to events at LIFF from the town hall and other locations around the city. Being of a practical bent at least one member of BGL is planning on going to a workshop on processing Super 8 with coffee, but the quality of films this year is exceptionally high. Pick up a programme, get a cuppa and a highlighter, and work out what you want to see!

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading and we’ll be back with you tomorrow.

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