Leeds today: music, beer, chills and shops.

Good afternoon news fans! Elly here today with a short burst of events and goings on in Leeds.

It’s nearly Halloween, and whether you celebrate this festival of zombies, pumpkins and badly-made costumes or not, why not indulge your inner goth with the Sneaky Experience Chills in the Chapel event? Two fang-tastic films, music, a bar and a creepy chapel aka Left Bank this Saturday evening. Excellent.

In less horrifying news, if you haven’t already visited Leeds Beer Quest then why not? Taking on the arduous task of exploring all of Leeds watering holes, Emily and Rich have decided to map every place you can get a pint in Leeds, creating the guide to getting sloshed (or just merry) in our fair city.

Bored on a Thursday? Never! Take a look at Culture Vultures for a musical treat with Miriam Jones at All Hallows Church, Hyde Park for information about this soulful concert on Thursday 11th October.

More music on Culture Vultures with an interview from Chris Dallender, the founder of Love Unplugged. This festival fuses music, art and charity fund-raising to profile some of the great bands and artists in Leeds, all in the name of charidee. Plus, the interview is very amusing (thanks @wandapops!).

Even more music, you lucky people, with a fun day at Middleton Methodist Church Hall to celebrate One World Week. Expect music, crafts, games and delicious food from around the world this Saturday between 2pm and 4pm.

Labour should be getting themselves to the shops – but on the other side of the counter, argues Paul Turner-Mitchell, in this piece on the Guardian Northerner. Spending time with people running their own small businesses will help Labour leader Ed Miliband to understand some of the problems they’re facing. As Turner-Mitchell says “the real hard work of opposition should be getting out of Westminster and getting in touch with the country that they want to have the privilege of leading”. If any politicians want to come and spend a day in the office with me that’s fine too, as long as they can make a decent cup of tea.

And if you’re looking for other things to do this week, you’ve got Yarnia at Dock Street tonight, High Spirits choir at Maven tomorrow night, and probably loads of other things you should tweet us about as well. And next week it’s the Leeds Digital Fashion Week, so expect us to be blathering on about shoes and things quite a lot (hooray!). Have a nice day chaps!

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