Leeds today: baths, Halloween, coffee, tea, heart and Sons.

Hello! Gosh, we’re later than late today, but we have something for you!

First up, we’re ever so happy to see the return of Katie Leedsgrub who has started blogging again! There’s a new coffee shop in town, Mrs Atha’s. We at BGL Towers note that they’re pretty good at matching types of coffee to person. It’s an interesting place to set up especially with the arcade opposite Trinity finally reopening. We’re going to keep an eye out here.

We’re a bit late but connected to coffee is tea and there was a pop-up teashop in Hunslet today trying to talk to the community about where they live. It might still be open!

More heart unit news: Jeremy Hunt has ordered a review. I think you know our feelings on the heart unit closure by now – it wasn’t a level playing field and the result was fixed before the match – so we do hope that this will create a bit of transparency and accountability but given how useless Hunt was as culture sec we’re not holding our breath now he’s running the NHS (quick reminder: he co-wrote a book with a section on how great it would be to shut the NHS down).

Gosh, such cynicism! Let’s get back to feeling good with the news that the Adel Players new production of All My Sons kicks off tomorrow. All My Sons is a powerful examination of the relationship between fathers and sons, the conflict between business ethics and the bottom line, the price of the American dream, and the repercussions of profiting from war. It’s on at the Adel War Memorial Hall until Saturday.

BGL’s own award-winning blogger Elly Snare is doing a Halloween Challenge on Pinterest which has some very simple rules:

1. Pick a Halloween themed pin to recreate – it could be a craft, costume or recipe.
2. Attempt to recreate the pin, adding your own twist if you wish.
3. Photograph the process, whether it was a total disaster or the best thing ever.
4. Blog, tweet, Instagram or pin the results on Wednesday 31st October and let the internet know whether your chosen pin has been a trick or a treat!


We’ve mentioned this before; Leeds Action to Create Homes is aiming to raise £20000 through crowdfunding to refurbish an empty house and turn it into a home for a homeless family. People who donate can have any one of a number of rewards – this isn’t money for nothing – and the donation level is expected to be low in amount and reasonably large in number. Crowdfunding (or crowdsourcing) is a relatively new idea in the UK and it’s interesting to see ie be used like this. Anyway, more detail about this project is available on Buzzbnk.

Finally today; the BBC has this seriously lovely piece of video about the weekend’s fun at Bramley Baths; it’ll be shown on Look North later on, so this could be by way of getting a sneak preview of the news!

Ok, we’re done. Have a great evening and thanks for reading! Mike will be with you again tomorrow; if you have news for him then please email us! Details under “contact” at the top of the page. Cheerio!

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