Leeds today: projectors, residents, fireworks, children, love arts and 4G (yawn).

Hello Leeds! Short one today as we’re busy &/or ill, so we hope you excuse the brevity.

The big news for techies in Leeds is that 4G is coming to Leeds (& Sheffield, but we don’t talk about them) very early on in the rollout of the new superfast mobile broadband – as in, today. The question is this: do we care? The data charging is extortionate and you’ll just use bundled data faster, streaming iplayer on the bus or downloading whole albums sat in a park. Text-based internet – like what you’re reading now – is cheap, and it makes little odds how quickly it downloads.

Perhaps somewhat more importantly, the YEP is reporting that some council-run children’s services will be shut down over the whole Christmas period. This does not include emergency duty teams, but the feeling is that:

the fact that social care teams, which monitor ‘at risk’ children, will also be withdrawn has sparked fears that some vulnerable children would be effectively abandoned during the period.

Christmas is one of those times of year where children are even more at risk than usual, and this is apparently going to save LCC £10k. If you only click on one story from BGL today, click on this one and read it.

Pavilion is an arts org in Leeds we’re fond of here at BGL. They have a discussion forum opening at the Leeds Art Gallery on Nov 8th, around “analytical” and “uncomprehending” artwork that seems to be in the zeitgeist at the moment. Lucy Skaer’s Film for an Abandoned Projector, which we’ve mentioned here before when it was on at the HPPH, is an example of this and there will be discussions, presentations and showings of films.

Love Arts is, alas, over, but reviews of the festival are starting to appear. This gives a nice view of what went on that we might have missed.

Our friends at South Leeds Life have helped residents from across the whole of South Leeds form a Community Network. The first meeting was last night and there are high hopes it’ll help shape the agenda for what happens next to the area.

The Hunslet Club is having a bonfire on Saturday, but points out that numbers are very limited so get there early (this one will be packed out quickly).

And that, I’m afraid, is that for today. If you have any stories you’d like us to cover then please get in touch using the details in “contact” above, and until tomorrow, farewell.

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