BGL admin note: waving, not drowning. No, wait, scratch it and reverse it.


You may have noticed that BGL has been late, patchy, thin and not up to its usual standards recently. There is a good reason for this: we all have day jobs, we are all very busy people outside of our day jobs and all it takes is a minor disaster like someone getting sick, someone getting a new job or even just someone being a bit spaced out on cold meds and forgetting what day it is and we slip.


We don’t want paying for this. We don’t want people growing facial hair or wearing ribbons to raise awareness of us. We don’t even want people to pat us on the head and tell us it’ll be all better. What we’d like is some people to help us write this labour of love.

We have had exactly two unscheduled days off since we started doing this in May 2011, and don’t really want to start having more of them. But every weekday we publish 500 words on stuff that is relevant and important to the people of Leeds and West Yorkshire – that’s at least 2500 words a week – and when I started doing this it was with the proviso that there was something coming along afterwards that could take over, something funded where the writers are paid to do this and nothing but this. It turns out that the something coming along after is, well, us.

So what do we need, then? We need people to write, to research, to hunt down articles and tell us about them, and to send us YOUR stories, YOUR events, YOUR news. We can string them together, but the thing that takes the time is hunting them down, like snarks. We get a lot off twitter and a poorly-updated collection of RSS feeds, and some off Google and local news websites, but we know we’re missing LOADS of things that are out there, and WE NEED YOU TO TELL US ABOUT THEM.


We need to know what you, the readers, care about. We need to know this so we can give you a better service. So we can give everybody a better service.

Please, email us. Tweet us if you’d rather. Point us in the direction of your events, of your news, of what is making your blood boil today. Everybody has their story to tell and we’d love to hear it, but you have to tell us about it.

And, tell your friends about us. 🙂

Ok, sorry about the minor whining there. Normal service shall resume shortly! (In fact, a bit later on today, when the usual Leeds Today post shall appear.)

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2 Responses to BGL admin note: waving, not drowning. No, wait, scratch it and reverse it.

  1. Alison Neale says:

    You guys do a fantastic job, and so many things I’ve done over the last year, I’ve heard about from you (and wouldn’t have known about otherwise). Thank you!

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