Leeds today: Thought bubble, Lime Trees, zombie, bread, science and debt.


Do you like science? Do you like dinner? Then South Leeds Community Radio have an event for you! Come Dine with Science is an evening at Hillside House in Beeston where people get fed and can hear talks and presentations on science – in this case biosciences – all for free. You need to book, details are on South Leeds Life’s website.

As of next Monday the Consumer Credit Counselling Service – one of Leeds’ biggest employers, I’m reliably informed – will be changing its name to something less of a mouthful, in order to reach more people. They’re becoming the StepChange Debt Charity, and won’t be changing what they do (very good work in helping people manage the easily spiralling hell that is debt) one jot.

Lord knows, we like bread here at BGL Towers. Good bread, especially, which is why we’re interested in seeing how well the Leeds Bread Coop (that’s presumably “co-op”, not the thing chickens live in) sort out their crowdfunding programme. The guys are after £8k to buy an oven, and are raising it by selling bread (or recipe books, or masterclasses) in advance. We love this; £20 will buy you handmade artisan bread once a week for three months, which seems like a hell of a deal to me. A local, social enterprise. Worth supporting.

We don’t normally publish press releases without editing, but this one is very close to our hearts here at BGL Towers.

Now in its sixth year, Thought Bubble is extremely proud to announce its groundbreaking Refugee and Asylum Seekers’ Graphic Art Project. This year’s resident artist, Tom Humberstone, is working alongside refugees and asylum seekers atBradford Action for Refugees. The residency is using comic art as a platform where the participants can tell stories through drawings, illustration and writing.

From Wednesday 14th until Friday 16th November Tom will be based in Leeds Central Library and would love you to pay him a visit. He will be spending the week working on a piece of graphic art inspired by the project. The final piece will be published in next year’s Thought Bubble Anthology, as well as being collated and published as a free comic book. Regular residency updates will be published online via a blog and the Thought Bubble website.

With the support of the Arts Council, Thought Bubble’s artist residencies are designed to highlight the work of specific artistsand writers whilst extending creative opportunities to individuals and groups living in our region. Each residency also strives to include people who might not have had the opportunity to get involved with the arts before and our activities promote confidence, learning, creativity and new skills.

Thought Bubble festival runs from 11th to 18th November with a massive comic convention at Royal Armouries on 17th and 18th. You can buy your tickets here.

Leeds online offers advice on how to kill off your morning zombie, which is not a euphemism. Well, it is, but not in the way you think.

Finally today, we know it’s only just November (happy November, folks!) but Leeds PFT have opened up their Santa letter scheme, where £4 (minimum) will get a personalised letter sent out to your little ones from Santa. The money raised will all go to Lime Trees in York, an incredible service.

And that’s us for today. Tomorrow will see the first of our monthly blog posts from the incredibly hard working Leeds Book Club, writing about what could make us tick in November in the literary world here in Leeds. Cheerio!

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